Good or Bad? *Coffee Version*

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It's not what it sounds like. It's not about whether you are good or bad depending on your taste in coffee. I'll tell you a coffee scenario, and you'll tell me whether you think it's

GOOD OR BAD. At the end, I'll tell you whether or not you're my opposite when it comes to coffee. Are we ready? WELL, TOO BAD!!!! You have to be ready. So go take this quiz.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. When you walk out of the kitchen for two seconds, then come back in and your coffee's ready.
  2. When you get so wrapped up in a book or your homework or something, then realize that you had coffee brewing.
  3. When you put a coffee mug (or pot) in the machine, then realize that the machine is broken.
  4. When you spill coffee on your favorite white tee when in a rush.
  5. When you're watching a boring movie holding your coffee, then you fall asleep and your coffee spills everywhere.
  6. When you make someone some coffee then they tell you they hate coffee.
  7. When you have a cup of coffee, then someone tells you to put down your coffee because you have to go to the store or something.
  8. When you watch a romantic movie and kiss your coffee mug and everyone stares at you.
  9. When your coffee is too bitter so you add a bunch of sugar then almost gag because you put a quarter cup of sugar in without knowing it. (Happened to me today lol)
  10. When you gulp a ton of coffee then someone makes you laugh and you spit your coffee on them.

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