roll up the rim

Welcome to my quiz on Canada's most favourite cup contest, RRRoll up the rim to WIN! Every Tim Hortons lover loves having a chance to roll up the rim as an added bonus of their sip of coffee!

Are you the lucky RRRoll up winner? Do you have what it takes to put your thumbs into action and looking what words come out within the cup? I will predict whether you have a good chance for a prize as you take a deep and coffee-smelled breath by taking this quiz!

Created by: Kyle
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you RRRoll?
  2. At what kind of Tim hortons location do you buy your cups?
  3. Which cup size do you buy?
  4. Which province do you buy your cups (Which province do you live?) Select the answer that includes your province?
  5. When do you RROLL? (BE HONEST)
  6. Do you consider yourself lucky?
  7. Which hot beverage do you mostly buy?
  8. Which side meal do you buy aside with your cup of your desired hot beverage?
  9. Do you like Tim Hortons?
  10. I'm taking the quiz...
  11. Finally, are you currently in a Tim Hortons restaurant?

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