How Much Do You Know Joan Jett?

Do you know who is Joan Jett? Well, she is a Queen Of Rock And Roll, who had many Top 40 hits include I Love Rock And Roll, Bad Reputation or I Hate Myself Dor Loving You.

Do you wanna know how much you know that so much important in rock and roll history person? Let's take this quiz and check. I hope that you will have high score.

Created by: RunawayPunkGirl

  1. Where Joan Jett was born?
  2. When Joan Jett was born?
  3. Tell me real Joan Jett's surname
  4. Which band was found by Jett?
  5. How was called first ever song written by Jett?
  6. Which brand of guitars made Joan Jett's guitar signature?
  7. How Joan Jett called her second band?
  8. "A girl gonna do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do." - from which Joan's song is that verse?
  9. How was called the last Jett's album?
  10. How long the song "I Love Rock And Roll" performed first by The Arrows, and after by Jett, was on the Billboard's top?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Joan Jett?