How much do you know about Joan Crawford?

Joan Crawford, she's been in over 80 amazing movies. Starting off as being a stand in for Norma Sheerer to quickly becoming a household name and a fantasy of millions. How much do you know about this goddess?

Do you love Joan Crawford? How much do you think you know about her? Take this quiz to see how much you know and maybe you'll even learn something. Good luck!

Created by: Britt518
  1. What was her first movie?
  2. How many children did she adopt?
  3. How many oscars did she win?
  4. When is her birthday?
  5. How many times was she married?
  6. True or false: her husband Alfred Steele worked for Coca-Cola just before he died?
  7. How many books did she write?
  8. What was her last movie?
  9. What was the last show she was on?
  10. When Joan Crawford was on Night Gallery, what was the name of her episode called?
  11. What year did she die?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Joan Crawford?