Just a small thingy ( mainly for weirdhead and ericat lmao)

Okay, so... not a quiz,exactly. Just tryna catch WeirdHead and Ericat's attention XD (bahaha took me forever to even THINK of doing this.... kinda feel stoopid now)

Anyway... just filling space now...sdfghjkmnbvfcdswertyuiokjnhgfdxcvbnmjuytrfdf dfghjqwertyyyyytrewqqqqqefgbnhbvfdsasedfghjjhgfdsxcvbn poiuytrewqasdfg

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Mkay, so, first off.... guess ya mostly know i won't be on here as much .-.
  2. There's not exactly just ONE reason tbh....i mean, yeah, people bugging me played a decent part in it -- but I suck at committing to online websites, along with a bunch of s---ty drama that happened recently.
  3. So, I've basically found another website that's easier 4 me to WANNA get on...
  4. Besides, it's helped me improve my writing like a b*tch
  5. So, if ur interested in knowin' which website, just lemme know... otherwise, i'll just try to get on here occassionaly
  6. mkay... so, thats about it
  7. asdfghj
  8. (skip this.)
  9. sdfghjjopn
  10. qwertyhnbvfcd

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