What restaurant should you go to for lunch/dinner?

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You can figure out which restaurant will have the open sign for you with this quiz! Do you want fast food? Pizza? Well, in this quiz, you can figure out where to eat for dinner.

Is it your turn to pick a restaurant for dinner? Well, each of these questions bring you closer to finding out an excellent restaurant for dinner! :^)

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. Do you care how expensive it is?
  2. Do you want great food?
  3. What food do you want most from a restaurant?
  4. Are you going to go to this restaurant for lunch or dinner? (No effect, just curious.)
  5. Do you want a selection of desserts?
  6. Do you want your food FAST?
  7. Do you like the restaurant clean?
  8. Sit-down or drive-through?
  9. Okay, I can't think of anymore questions, so anyway, just go to the next question. (These last two have no effect.)
  10. Click 'Submit Answers' and go figure out where to eat.

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Quiz topic: What restaurant should I go to for lunch/dinner?