What is your inner African carnivore?

Find out if you are a lion, a leopard, a crocodile, a jackal, a wild dog, an aardvark, or a series of other animals. Now you might ask yourself "What is this quiz good for?"

Well, let's say somebody says you are as ugly as an aardvark, you can reply that you are in fact as sly as a jackal. Or somebody calls you chicken you can tell them that you eat chicken every night for dinner.

Created by: Joey
  1. Are you a social or solitary carnivore and how big are you?
  2. If you were a carnivorous animal what would you eat?
  3. Are you a leader or a follower?
  4. Do you cook your own food or rely on other people to cook it for you?
  5. How many days a week (on average) do you have people over for a meal?
  6. How generous are you? (Be honest)
  7. Let's say you have a pet cat (if you don't). Your cat hunts a shrew or a mouse or a sparrow. What do you do?
  8. Do you like birds, mammals, reptiles, or amphibians the most?
  9. Do you like to swim?
  10. Which one of these types of food do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: What is my inner African carnivore?