How South African Are You?

Did you ever wonder if you could survive South Africa? After all it is very unique, the accents, the history, the people and the place it self. South Africa has suffered for many years, but it has triumphed to become "The rainbow nation".

Are you a true South African at heart? Can you survive the daily situation? Do you know the country's history? Do you? Do you, really? Put yourself to the test. Do it! You know you should!

Created by: Nashira!
  1. You find monkeys in your garden, what do you do:
  2. South Africans love...
  3. It is a really hot summer's day. What do you do?
  4. We love to party. Do you?
  5. Do you eat billtong?
  6. You go to school/work/mall and on your way there, you see a Blue Crane, what do you do?
  7. Who are the Springboks?
  8. Your watching a soccer match on tv and your favourite team scores a goal. You...
  9. Someone says "Sawubona"to you. You say...
  10. Who was South Africa's president in 2011?

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Quiz topic: How South African am I?