Ghetto, I'm back! (For a limited time.)

Okay, this is mainly just to attract ghettobabe4ever's attention while I'm on here. SO PLEASE HURRY!! dhivuwrvhbwubfhiwbfvwyhifbvfbvfbvhiudfvbidufvbwu/

GHETTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Please, please, please, please! I really want to talk to you! Please hurry! ohudfbguhfvbudhfvihrbusdufsfhn

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. This was just to catch your attention, ghetto.
  2. I haven't seen you in forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just wanted to catch up.
  4. Can we talk in the comments?
  5. It's been, like, five years! (Just writing stuff here. I really have nothing to say.)
  6. I've missed you a ton!
  7. Oh, word, I hope you catch me before I leave.
  8. I mean, GTQ is nothing without you!!
  9. Please, please, please, please comment ghetto!
  10. Okey, bai!

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