Can you ace this test?

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It's difficult to ace. To ace it, you require 100%. I doubt anyone will get that, but still, you'll do good. Anyone who aces it has my admiration, and my love.

I was just kidding about the "and my love" part. But you will have my admiration! This is reallyreallyreally difficult to ace. Good luck, my friends!!

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Okay. Click any emoji.
  2. Click any female name.
  3. Click any male name.
  4. Click any emoticon.
  5. Click a brand of crackers.
  6. Click a female celeb. (I don't know any male celebs, so I'm only doing females.)
  7. Click an ice cream flavor.
  8. Click a color.
  9. Click a birthstone.
  10. Click a departing word/phrase.

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Quiz topic: Can I ace this test?