The Flirt Game for Girls Part 8

Welcome back girl friends The Flirt Game for Grils Part 8 is finally here now you can have a blast with the totally hot guys who love you are you ready

The Flirt Game for Girls is awesome you can have your pick with four totally cool and hot guys who all love you but there's a catch you can only have one

Created by: coolkid
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  1. Ok here's your date with Trent he picks you up and hands you a cd called "_____ Mix" he says he guessed what type of music you like
  2. He got great seats at the movie and in the middle of the action he leans over and kisses you "Sorry ____ couldn't resist the perfect kiss"
  3. The next day you wake up bright and early to go to the carnevil with Jake he picks you up and at the fair asks you to ride the fairis wheel
  4. While you and Jake are on the ferris wheel he leans in and kisses you on the mouth
  5. That night you go to the concert with Brandon he picks you up and gives you a little heart shaped box with candy in it
  6. after Brandon's dad drops you off you go inside and later on in the concert Brandon and you kiss romanticly then he pulls out backstage passes
  7. The next day you meet Matt for breakfast at the cafe he says he dreamed of you last night
  8. Right before the hot chocolate Matt comes over and kisses you a long sloppy kiss
  9. Who do you love?
  10. Who do you hate

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