Seven Mintues in heaven with a hogwarts boy

Seven Mintues in heaven in a game where you spin a bottle and who ever it lands on you have to go in a cupboard for seven mintues and do whatever, could be talking, kissing, anything you like. I just added Hogwart students.

Have you every wanted to play seven mintues in heaven? or have played it and loved it? are you a big Harry Potter Fan? Well now it's your chance to find out who you would be playing seven mintues in heaven with a hogwarts student. The results are Fred, Ron, Harry, Oliver, Draco and Seamus. Also has a little story to go with it.

Created by: CelPotterHead1092
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  1. You are sititng in a class room with Fred, Ron, Harry, Oliver, Seamus and Draco wiritng lines. Snape leaves the class room. "Let's play a game" said Fred while winking at you "Lets play seven mintues in heaven"
  2. "Each of us will ask you two questions ____ of our choice and we will pick who your match is to go in the cupborad with, I'm first what are you like?" asked Fred
  3. "My second question is, What kind of guy do you like?" asked Fred
  4. "My turn, What is your boggart?" Asked Harry
  5. "What is something your heart wants the most?" asked Harry
  6. "what is your favorite quidditch team?" asked Oliver
  7. "What would you change about hogwarts?" asked Oliver
  8. "Who do you want your match to be?" asked Draco
  9. "who is your favorite teacher?" asked Draco
  10. "what is your favorite snack?" asked Ron
  11. "What is the best adivce Dumbledore has given you? asked Ron
  12. "what is your favorite subject?" asked Seamus
  13. "You're in Gryffindor but what house did you really want to be put in?" asked seamus
  14. "I think thats enough. are you ready?" asked Fred

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