Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 7

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Welcome back to Hogwarts Through a Snake's Eye! Refresher: You kick Flint off the quidditch team and become the captain. You make a bet with Oliver that whoever loses takes the other captain on a date. Later on at the library you fall asleep and Ron takes care of you.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. The game begins as the balls all shoot into the air. I immediately receive the quaffle thrown to me by one of my teammates. I weave in between two Gryfinndors and throw the quaffle through the hoop. The Slytherins cheer and the Gryfinndors stare; I accomplished this task in all of fifteen seconds. I wink at Oliver before zooming off to rejoin the game. Darting between two Gryfinndors, I intercept the quaffle and immediately throw it to my teammate, who is further from the hoop; the two red and gold players pause in a seconds worth of confusion, which gives my teammate enough time to make a long pass to someone way up the field, who scores the point. As the game goes on, Oliver blocks three attempts at a point in a row. I fly up to my beaters and tell Per to keep the Pressure on Harry, and tell Lucian that he should really not pay a ton of attention to any of the players except Oliver unless necessary. With Oliver distracted by dodging bludgers we score another forty points.
  2. We continue to score as the game goes on, pulling off moves hardly ever seen at Hogwarts. At one point in time I got trapped between to Gryfinndors, shoving me back and forth. Unknown to them, I dropped the ball to my teammate below me, and by the time they realized I didn't have the quaffle any more, we had already scored again. Suddenly, I hear that Harry and Draco have seen the snitch; using this as a distraction, I intercept the quaffle on a pass between Gryfinndors and speed back to the goal as fast as I can fly. I feint to the left and throw right, scoring another 10 points for Slytherin; literally seconds later it's announced that Harry caught the snitch.
  3. I'm sitting on my broom by the goal posts, and my shoulders drop a little. The Gryfinndors cheer and the Slytherins groan. I turn to look at Lee who's trying to get everyone's attention. "HEY! YOU LOT! SHUT YOUR TRAPS!" He shouts. The stadium falls silent, confused. "Yes, Gryffindor caught the snitch, putting them at a score of 180. However, because of the excellent playing tonight by Slytherin, they scored 190 points; for the first time ever in Hogwarts's history, a team has won despite not being able to catch the snitch. Slytherin wins!" There is a stunned silence for a moment, and then the stadium erupts in cheers. "YES!" I laugh, fist pumping the air. I fly past a stunned Oliver to my rejoicing team; we all land on the ground celebrating. Draco comes over and lands, grinning at me. "You've got to be the best captain who ever attended Hogwarts," He tells me, and my team roars their approval. I look over their heads at the defeated looking Gryffindor team, who also look mildly impressed. "We've just can't let this win go to our heads guys," I tell them as we head back to change. "We've caught them off guard this time, but now other houses are going to practice even harder. We've just got to stay on our toes; prepare for the worst and hope for the best."
  4. After changing I head back to the common room, where my team would already be. I step through the wall into the green room and I'm greeted by the roar of a party in full swing. "_____! There you are!" exclaims Zan giving me a hug. "That was fantastic!" "Thanks," I respond grinning. The crowd notices I'm here and pulls me in and lifts me on their shoulders. I laugh, "Don't you guys think you're over reacting? Put me down!" They drop me back down to the ground, where I'm steadied by Draco. "Slytherin hasn't won a match against Gryffindor in ages, that's why they're like this," he informs me. "Oh," I respond, not really knowing what to say. "I'm going to get a drink, would you like something?" he asks me. "Anything but pumpkin juice," I say with a grin. His smile gets bigger for an instant before it goes back to the trademark smirk. I watch as his blond head disappears into the crown; until, of course, I'm grabbed and pulled out of the room.
  5. I gasp turning to face whoever decided to do that. I'm faced by Pansy and two of her minions. "What was that for, Pansy?!" I exclaim, dusting myself off. "If was FOR you flirting with Draco!" she fumes. My eyebrows disappear into my hairline. "Excuse me?" I ask, amused. "I warned you about flirting with him; I told you to leave him alone! I'm giving you one last chance, Bonor!" she shrieks. "Or what? You'll spray me with that nasty perfume you wear," I ask sarcastically, getting irritated. Her face darkens. "You think you're oh-so-great, being a legal wizard, don't you? Well let me tell you, I can get people who will bring that ego down when they get to you. So are you going to leave him alone?" "Draco's a big boy, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need you to make his decisions for him as to who he hangs out with; and I KNOW I'm not going to let you tell me what to do," I tell her, folding my arms. "Fine, but only know you brought this upon yourself!" She sweeps past me back into the common room as I watch in dark amusement.
  6. I step back inside, seeing the party is going as strong as ever. I suddenly feel exhausted, and want to go to bed. I start heading towards my dormitory when I'm intercepted by Draco. "Hey, where'd you go?" he asks, "I was looking for you everywhere!" I glance over his shoulder to see Pansy glaring at me. She points her finger at me and makes a shooing motion. Forget going to bed, no way am I going to miss a change to irate her. I smile at Draco and take the offered butterbeer. "Sorry, just thought I'd get a little fresh air." I spend the rest of the evening sprawled out on the couch beside Draco, talking with him, his friends and mine. We fill up pretty much the entire seating area. At some point someone decides it would be a good idea to try to squeeze onto the already full couch, squishing me up against Draco. He smirks down at my uncomfortable look and wraps an arm around my waste. "Don't you think you're moving a little fast, _____? We haven't even been on our first date yet." I laugh, pulling away from him and standing up. "You wish, Malfoy," I tease. "Is that your catch phrase or something?" he wonders aloud. "Yes, as a matter of fact, it is! Now, I'm tired, I'm going to bed; I'll see you all tomorrow!" I wave lazily to my friends and head up the stairs.
  7. The next morning I'm late to breakfast because I've got to deal with several roommate crises. It starts off with in the morning all the showers are cold-I have to teach every single one of my six roommates the spell for warm water. Afterwards I have to help settle an argument between Lexis and Sarah, because Sarah thought Lexis stole her hairbrush when really in was Jen. Then I had to help tailor some clothing lengths for my friend Kim, who was freaking out because her robes didn't go all the way to her ankles. Following that I had to help calm down Zan who was going on her first single date with Fred. Finally, after seven minutes of deep breathing, everyone was ready to go down to breakfast, everyone but me. I still had to comb my hair, find some nice looking shoes, and search for the perfume I got for my last birthday that I haven't even opened yet. I wouldn't have used it in the first place, but Zan insisted because it was my first date with Oliver. I sent them on ahead, and finally made it down to eat twenty minutes later.
  8. I plop down with a sigh beside Zan, who hands me a cup of hot coco. "I feel like I gained fifteen years of age in the last hour," I complain, taking it. "You did do a lot this morning," she observes. "______ earns the best roommate award," declares Jen. My roommates around me cheer their approval as we get stares from everyone else in the room.
  9. As I start my morning meal, people start walking by and congratulating me on the game yesterday. "Great job, Bonor!" "Maybe we'll get the cup after all this year." "How come we didn't get rid of Flint sooner?" "I don't know where you learned those moves, they were incredible!" At every one of these comments, my mouth always seemed to be fool. Not wanting to be the dork who speaks with food in her mouth, I could only smile and nod at the encouraging words of my house.
  10. "MAIL'S HERE!" a shout goes up from somewhere in the middle of the room. Owls begin bombarding their owners with letters and packages. I get the usual letter from my dad and brother, both of which I tuck away to read later. I tilt my head, confused at the last letter awaiting me. "Who's that from?" Zan asks around a mouthful of food. I shrug in response, untying it from the leg of my owl and turning it over to read the return address. "Denver?" I reply as a question. "Oh, maybe it's from Connor," she says excitedly. "Open it! Open it! Open it!" she grabs my arm and shakes me. "I can't if you don't give me my arm back!" I exclaim, tugging it away from her. "Who's Connor?" Sarah asks me. "Just a cousin," I reply, "and my best friend." Zan coughs. "My second best friend," I correct. The rest of my roommates raise an eyebrow. I sigh and count the heads. "Alright! He's my seventh best friend!" I laugh. The letter turned out to be nothing special-just telling me that his sister is having a baby. "Awwwww," my friends say in unison. Then Zan glances at her watch and jumps up. "COME ON _____! We're going to be late!" "Late for what?" asks Kim. "Our dates!" she says without further explanation; I'm nearly ripped out of my seat by her and dragged down to the gates, where we see a red head and a brown waiting for us.
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