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This is a story about a girl named Elayna Potter. She is Harry Potters less known sister. The Dursley's treated her better, and they treated her like a Dursley, until she knew that she was a witch.

Elayna goes to Hogs High, a school for past Hogwarts students. It's like a mutant high/wizarding school. Ron, Fred, George, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Cho Chang go there. I made this in one day, and it's my first quiz, so please don't be jerks in the comments.

Created by: Monkey_Love
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  1. The house bursts out in fire, and I run out, coughing, screaming, yelling, and horror striken. A woman walks up to me. Her face is burnt. "It's OK, Jake. You're OK. It's not your fault." She says in a calming voice. "Don't lie. It's all my fault. And now, Elayna's dead!" I shout, but my voice doesn't come out, and that's not what I was going to say. "Jake! Don't blame yourself!" The woman orders me. I shake my head. "Jake, go get in the cellar. Go! GO!" So I run into a cellar. "MOM!" I scream, but a broad shouldered man slams the door shut. I hear a huge noise, but I fall asleep. "JAKE!" I hear a girl scream before my eyes close.
  2. My head jerks up when I hear the bell. "Ms. Lyle," Professor Xavier says to me. "You need to stay awake. You were screaming in my class. You need to control your power." He orders me. "Why don't you try it?" I mutter under my breath. "Yes, Father." And with that, I walk out. I walk into the kitchen, and see Tyler. He's surrounded by girls, as usual. When he sees me, he pushes past them, and walks to me. "Oh, come on. You know you want to hug me." I say to him sweetly. He laughs quietly. "I know, but they'd be mad." He says, smiling. I laugh. "Exactly." And I pull him into a hug. He kisses the top of my head. "They might as well hate you."
  3. My legs give out, so I turn around. I see one of the girls holding their wand. I think it's Olivia. I get ready to grab my own wand out of my back pocket, but Tyler gives me a warning look. "Come on, I have Quiditch practice. And football practice after that. Don't you have cheer practice?" He asks me. I nod.
  4. After the torture we call cheerleading practice is over, I pretty much run to bed. There is a girl in my room, next to the extra bed. She sees me, and shrieks. "It's true! Elayna's my roomate! I'm so lucky! Maybe me, being your roomate will make me popular! My brothers are going to love you!" She screams. "Who are you?" I ask her. She laughs. "I'm Ginny Weasley." She laughs again. "And you are Elayna Lyle-Potter. You have been at Hogs High for two years now, and you are very popular." She explains. Hogs High is like Hogwarts, and Mutant High mixed. Stupid name, but great school. Ginny waves her wand at her tote, and her stuff comes flying out at her. I help her get her clothes that were flown onto her head off, and we laugh. "So, who are your brothers?" I ask her. She blushes. "Ron, Fred, George, Percy. I already know your brother. And you." She says. Oooohh! She is that girl that I shared a room with before I came here! My brother, Harry, shared a room with her brothers.
  5. "Look, I'm really tired, so, could you be really loud?" I ask her. She looks horrorfied. "Do you have the same problem as Harry with You-Know-Who?" She asks me. I shake my head. "No, but I'm a searcher. If somebody, or I, is in danger, I see through their eyes. I hate it. So, please be really loud." She nods. I hear a knock at the door, and a loud buzz. "George! Are you even helping me? Ginny! Open up!" So Ginny opens the door, and a red headed, freckled boy with brown eyes stumbles in. "Elayna? Hi." He gasps. "George! GEORGE!" Fred shouts. I hear alot of buzzes and George comes in, his face bright red. "Hi, Elayna." He says coolly.
  6. "Fred, George, you remember Elayna. I can't believe they have houses here! Were you in Gryffindoor at Hogwarts?" She asks me. I nod. Ginny turns to the twins. "Weren't you in the same year?" She asks. We all nod. Ginny looks surprised. "Then you should've gotten to her before her boyfriend did!" She shrieks. "Harry's me brother. I'm older. Nobody really knows who I am." I say, moving my dirty blond hair out of my emrald green eyes. They laugh. "Yyeah, cuz you two look nothing alike." One of them say. "We don't. I mean, I'm two years older, and I'm a girl." I say. They laugh. "Are we blind, George?" Fred asks him. "George?!? You must be confsed. To much butterbeer. I'm Fred." They push eachother out the door.
  7. "They totaly like you. Especially Fred. Oh! Have you seen Ron?" She asks, laughing. "No, he hangs out with Harry, not me." I say. I walk away from my bed, run, jump, and twirl sideways onto my bed. I curl onto my side with my hand under my pillow, and Ginny throws a pillow at me. "Exc-use me?" I ask, making it sound like more than one sylables. "You told me to not let you sleep." She says, grinning. I hear a quiet knock at the door. I get up, open the door, and all I see is Tyler's chest. "Why did I just see two Weasley's running down the hall, away from your room?" He asks knowingly. "Elayna? Who is this?" Ginny asks. I turn to her. "Every boys competition." I say, and I hear Tyler laugh. Ginny and Tyler are looking deep into eachothers eyes. "Let's go into the hall." Tyler says, opening the door for me. I walk out. "Elayna, I don't think we should be together. Now, who is in your room? Ginny WEASLEY." I say. He looks hurt. "What? You don't want to ask a Weasley out? You asked a Potter out." I say. "No I didn't." He says, taken aback. "Yes you did. Didn't I ever tell you my real name? I'm Elayna Sery Lyle Potter." I say, my eyes becoming moist. "So yes, you did. I'm the most wanted girl in this school, and a Potter. You really just did that. But it's not my fault. Oh, no. You want to date a Weasley that's two years younger than you." I say, and I walk back into my dorm, slamming the door loudly behind me. My eyes imediantly start streaming. Ginny walks up behind me, forcing me into a hug. "That boy, Tyler? Yeah, he wants to go out with you. He's a Slytherin. I have no idea what I saw in him. But he's not my problem any more." I say, lying on my bed, my mascara smearing onto my yellow pillow.
  8. The door flys open, and Harry runs in. He hugs me, and Ginny looks jealous. "You were dating a Slytherin?!? Mum and Dad would've never let you do that. Siruis wouldn't, either." He says, his own eyes tearing up. Voltemort killed out parents. He tried to kill Harry and I, too. We both got away alive, but we both have scars from it. Mine is right next to my right eye, and everybody knows where Harry's is. A Death Eater killed Siruis. I nod. "Not any more. I'm looking for a Griffindoor." I say. He laughs. "I know plenty who would go out with you." He explains. Ginny looks annoyed. "Well, I better go. Bye, El."
  9. My black owl, Everglade, flys into the window, and straight to me. She sticks her leg out, and I take the parchment off. It's from Proffessor Lupin. It says in messy writing: Elayna, will you and Harry please stop by Grimmuald Place this break? It's borring here. -Moony. Oh no. Another Snuffles. I lie back down, and drift off.
  10. I hope you liked the quiz!

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