The Choice 2

It's here THE CHOICE 2 you get to be back with the guys and in this excitnig adventure of THE CHOICE you must stay for part 3 and do this excitnig romance

TAKE NOW I like to listen to Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, and Hannah Montana my favorite actors are Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Created by: dreamer12
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  1. You, Maddie, Carie, Derik, Paris and Cody meet at the park for drama club "Can't get enough practice" You all say Paris says you'll be reacting scenes from High School Musical you and Cody get the parts of Troy and Gabrelela
  2. You decide to do a kissing scene you close your eyes and Cody and you kiss everyone aplaudes "You did awesome" Derik says "Yeah" Carri agrees
  3. After Drama club you have to go get your brother a welcome home gift he's in coledge and you won't see him again til Christmas your in the store and TJ taps your shoulder
  4. You look up "Hey" he says "Just wanted to say thanks for helping my little brother I know it's a bad idea to bring him to school" he says you blush "It's ok" you say he being flirty kisses you "Just a thank you" he says and walks away
  5. Tj comes back and says "um I forgot your name" you tell him and say "If you need help let me know" he says he will and then a voice calls him you guess it's his mom "Gotta go bye" he says
  6. You pick out a nice card and orderd something online that'll be there the next day as you walk along you bump into Grit
  7. "Hey ___ why'd your friends laugh at me" he says "They didn't" you say he runs over to you and blocks your way then unexpectingly almost kisses you but you manage to get away
  8. On the bus taking you to your house you make a list of all your friends here. Carrie, Paris, Maddie, Derik, Cody, TJ, and Kyle, oh yeah and Grit you like
  9. Stay tunned for part 3
  10. Ok bye

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