Black Rose Part 1

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Have you ever felt like you're apart of something bigger than yourself? Something you can't describe, something you can't explain? Well in this quiz you will go on a journey, filled with adventure and especially romance, to discover what your life truley means.

This is your own personal love story, where you will be faced with the choice of four amazing guys, so differnt and lovable in their seperate ways. So take partin the journey and venture to a strange new world. If you take the risk, you just might find somthing greater than you ever knew could be inside of you.

Created by: lolliepop
  1. You sit on the stone bench in your garden. The iradescent sunset reflected in the small pond you are dipping your toes into. The sweet smell of roses wafting over from the bushes on the other end of your garden. The willow trees sway with the gentle night breeze. The sounds of toads croaking and birds chirping is beginning to die down, as nature prepares itself for night. You always wonder what draws you to this place every night. You've always felt a special connection to nature, something deeper, stronger, than just enjoying a nice sit in the garden. It's like... you're a part of it.. like it rests within you, and every sway of the trees and croak of the toads are really being orchestrated with your heart not the wind or animal. "(Your Name)!," calls your mom, "time to come inside, it's getting late!" You sigh, snapped out of your pleasant reverie. You know she means business you take one last look at the glowing sunset before heading down the stone path on the ridge of the pond leading back to your house. But as you walk past the rose bushes something crinkles under your bare foot. Like paper. Like a note. You...
  2. You decide to pick up the note. It IS in YOUR garden after all. The paper is crinkeley and old, browned with dirt as if it has been lying in the earth for awhile. You open it to see black writing, seemingly from a quill, in perfect caligraphy. It's a... poem, titlted 'The Rose' as you read on you are astonished at the strangeness of this random poem. It reads, "The white rose oh so innocent and pure, Red rose shows my love so strong and deep, Pink rose elegance sweetness and joy, Yellow rose the start of friendship new, Peach rose shows my gratitude within, Coral rose so prideful and so high, Lavender rose is love at the first sight, But the Black rose is the key, More power held than all the rest can give, Brings death and darkness to your very wish, Emerse yourself into your darker side, For in this rose true power does abide."
  3. 'That was... weird', you think. Why would a poem like this be in your garden? Who could have left it here? As you begin to ponder these questions you hear your mother call your name in an irritated tone. YOu tuck the note in yo pocket and jog down the path path back to your house, deciding to think of what the poem could mean once safe inside your room. But as you pass the willow tree, suddenly something falls and lands on you shoulders. Heavy, it raps something around your mouth and neck so you cannot breath...
  4. You struggle, and end up falling backwards from the weight of the thing. It falls off once you're on the ground, and you cough and gasp for breath. When you open your eyes you scream, for you are startled by another face staring back at yours only a few inches away. You scoot back and stare at the curious creature that had just landed on your shoulders. "Very sorry Miss, very sorry. Jus' lost me balance an' fell right outta me tree I did!" Sitting on the groudnd before you is a small little boy, seemingly about as tall as your shoulder, but when you look again you see that he is not a little boy a t all but someone about your age. His face looking much older than his body. Strange. He gives you a sincere apologetic look, his dimples peeping out of his cheecks slightly. He had black hair and stormy gray eyes like the sky during a mid-day thunderstorm. but the strangest thing about this short little guy was the pigmentation of his skin... slightly green it was.. not as deep as the grass but the color of a dewdrop sitting upon a leaf, reflective, only slight. "I'm sure sorry if I gave ye a fright..." he continues, sweetley. He seems harmless, but he IS green. And in your garden. How did anyone even know how to get to this place? "Well, what have ye' ta say. Forgiven?" He smiles.
  5. You snap out of your daze finally. "S-sure, but I mean- why are you- how did you-..who are you?... and why are you in my garden," you fumble out at last. "The names Leo," he says, grinning wide and jamming a thumb at his chest, "I came to fetch ye' I did. I was 'bout to call out ye name when a branch done snapped and I went a-stumblin' onta ye! Mighty sorry again miss-" "Wait, 'fetch me'... what do you mean," you wonder. "Gotta bring ye to the palace. Got orders from a guard. He says the queen told him it was time to bring ye there. Cun ye beleive that? Me, a lowly troll, bringin YE to tha palace to see the queen. Truley honored, miss, truley honored,"he says blushing. Palace? hat? This is america. Pretty sure there's no queens or palaces anywhere areound here... "Well, we better be off. Don't wanna leave her majesty waitin'" He stands and grabs your arm to help you up, and clasps your wrist dragging you along behind him. "Come along now," he hums.
  6. "Wait!," you say, "I can't just LEAVE!" you force him to astop and he turns around to face you. "Well why bloody not?," he looks truley puzzeled. "Well... i don't know.. my family would be worried about me... and I don't really know you, or WHERE the heck we're even going. This just seems so sudden and strange." He chuckles, which surprises you. "Ye family won't be worried, trust me. And the answers to all ye questions will come in time. What I can tell ye is that there is a place that ye knew not about ye whole life, a land called Cleariron, housing the Ironshore Palace. If ye journey there with me I promise the answers to all the strange things that have occured to ye and all the questions ye have about who ye are will soon be made crystal clear."
  7. You hesistate a moment, but reluctantly agree to go along with him. It's just too big an opportunity to pass up. And besides, you won't stay for very long. You'll get your answers, then return home filled with knowledge..... right? Surprisingly he leads you to the rose bush, and stops right in front of it. The sight of the roses reminds you of the strange poem burning a hole in your pocket. Does it have something to do with him? did he bring it here? Does he even know you have it? After a couple awkward minutes of standing in front of the rose bush, you decide toask him what exactly you are doing. He responds that the rose bush is a portal, to the world. Clearion. He explains he's trying to meditate and find the power within to open it. eventually an ultra-violet light swirls infront of you, somewhat blindingly. With out even asking Leo grabs you arm and drags you through.
  8. You're pulled through a altered dimension with a sensation you can't describe. Like skin being pulled around on your face. You can't see anything, and can't feel anything except the warm touch of Leo's hand around your wrist, guiding you through, keeping you safe. Suddenly with a thud you land on the ground. With out looking around you can already feel the warm sun upon your head, and smell the sweet smell of roses. Looking up you behold a sight unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. right in front of you is a beautiful sparkling white palace gleaming in the sunlight. It towred high up into the clouds, sparkling and cast an almost blue hue. vines with multi-colored roses ran up the sides. Pink, lavender, and red. Behind you sat a red rosebush similar to the one in your garden. Your so in awe that you don't even realize that Leo is handing back to you the poem that must have fell out of your pocket when you landed. "Here, you'll need it," he says. Before you have time to respond he grabs your arm and hauls you off the ground, running toward the majestic palace. As you come up the shining pathway, you notice a boy seemingly gardening by trimming up the roses. He is tanned and has dark hair and eyes. His muscular shape seems due to lots of hard labor. You wonder if he is the palace gardener before you see shackles encasing his ankles. What could those be for?! He looks up and grins at you, but the smile doesn't quite touch his eyes. It's menacing, sort of like he knows somwthing that you don't. Like so many secrets are held within the resevoir of those dark black eyes. He turns back to his work, and you can't help to glance back down at the shackles. What is he? A prisoner or slave?
  9. Feeling off, you travel up the stairwell and into the palce, the boy's haunting stare engraved in the back of your mind. Leo leads you down a grand hallway featuring statues of odd creatures you have never seen before, some fountains pouring water, others wrapped in flowers of all different sorts. You enter then into a large room filled with three throne, the staircase leading up to them, lined with vases holding a buquet of roses. Each a differnt color. The throne in the middle was grand and large. It was made of red satin and gold molding, the others also red but not as ornate. The walls shone as if they were made of ice. The ceiling looked like a duplicate of the cistine chapel. as if it was done by Michaelangeo himself. At the top of the high celing perched a window looking into the sky. But more amazing than the design of the room was the people sitting inside the thrones. In the large throne sat a beatutiful woman with high cheekbones and long blonde hair. I guessed her age around 40, but she was beautiful even still. Out of her back burst large magnificent wings, featuring every color of the rainbow, her regal gown sparkled a pure white. On the left throne an equally blonde boy sat smiling ginormously at you, his green eyes matched his wings, and when he discovered you looking back at you his face turned a light pink with embarassment. On the right sat another boy, calm yet sophisticated. He had solid light brown ahir and intelligent blue eyes that you can see right into. His wings also matched. A deep ocean blue. He smiled at you lips closed and gave you a warm nod 'hello'.
  10. "Hello," says the blonde woman, "I am Queen Agatha of Clerion. These are my sons... Prince Oliver...," the blonde boy come down from his throne, taking a yellow rose from it's vase and handing it to you bowing slightly and blushing. You take the rose and do a slight awkward curtsey. After Oliver sits, Queen Agatha continues, "...and my heir to the throne, Prince Zane." The brown-haired one, Zane, picks a white rose and hands it to you also. He smiles in a kind manner, and again you curtsey. The Queen begins again, "I would like to welcome you into my home, for you see I have a great favor to ask of you. I wish I didn't have to ask such a big task of such a young girl, but I'm afraid you are the only one that can fufill it... But first, it is getting very late, and you must be very hungry, so I invite you to a feast in our dining hall tonight. There we will discuss many things, along with your mission you may or may not choose to fufill... Jackley!" She glances at a butler who nods and pulls a peach rose from it's vase. He hands it to you, and looking at the Queen, you curtsey even deeper. she returns it with a nod. She seems different than her sons, colder, for she never smiles. You had almost forgoteen Leo was there, but he leans to you and whispers, "Ye remeber the poem? Roses mean a lot in our world." "SILENCE SCUM!," the Queen screeches, a guard moves inout of nowhere and strikes Leo with the back of a club. You starein horror, unable to even breathe. Leo falls to the ground after two blws, blood dripping from his fragile skull.
  11. Oliver begins to remove his hands from his eyes, sadness written in the lines of his face. Zane stares, pain radiating off of him. The Queen looks on, indifferent. You kcan't look at her full-on for you know she will see the hatred boaring out of your eyes. Leo lies still, motionless. A single tear drips from your eye, and you are quick to wipe it away and compose yuorself. "Boys, please show Miss (name) to her quarters so she may wash up and dress for dinner." With that the Queen exits down the stairwell, regal but evilly. When she is gone, Zane an Oliver rush down to you. "Zane pauses at your right side. "We best be going...," he says. When he sees you gaze locked on the crippled form of Leo on the ground, he reassures you, "You're friend will be alright, trust me." "We've seen this many times before," Oliver adds, sheepishly. "A few too many than I would likr..." mumbles Zane, "Trust," he ret his hand on your shoulder and stares into your eyes. Gently he pulls you to a corridor leading to a round room with a spiral staircase leading upward. Reluctantly you follow. You can't seem to get the picture of Leo off your mind. "Wh-Why would they do that to him, he's just a boy! He didn't mean any harm!" you look desperatley to Zane, who only returns your gaze with sadness. "You have much stilll to learn about our world, It is an evil place. I will try to explain to you how it become this way breifly, for it was not always so. At one time the three nations livd together in harmony: the fairies (us), the nymphs, and the trolls (like your friend). But then came tension and arose the Black war, where the three races fought over land and benefits. It was a long many years before a representaive from each race came together to sign a eace treaty. As the signatures were about to be written, the fairy's leader slit the throats of both the nymph and the troll, fleeing swifly after. At a loss for direction because of no leaders, the fairies easily slaughtered the nymphs and trolls. They destroyed most of their nations, the reaming becoming enslaved prisoners. And os today, though many generations have past, it is not much different for the nymphs and trolls are still not free. They lie desperate lives. Receiving ywo crumbs of bread is a day of sucsess. And here we stand, about to feat on the finest cuts of ham," Zane looks disgusted. "We are hated for the wicked deeds of our mother," explains Oliver. "But when I rule, things will be different. All will be free I promise!," Zane exclaims, a firy look in his eyes.
  12. You reach your room at last, and feel a bit overwhelmed with all this new knowlege. What a cruel new world! You begin to feel a little like returning home... The figure of Leo flashing in your mind... Andrew opens the door to your quarters, a large room complete with a bed, balcony and fireplace. It is beutiful amongst all the pain in this castle. Zane tuns to you, "If you need anything, jsut call for me. I will send someone to come for you when supper is ready, "he nods to you before leaving down the hallway. Oliver smiles. "I'm really glad you came," he awkwardly kisses your hand, then blushes, before also exiting. Once both boys have left you walk into your room and feel a suddden emptiness. On you velvet bed, sits a light pink gown you assume you are to wear. It is quite lovely actually. As you are about to pick it up you feel a warm handon your shoulder that startles you out of your wits.
  13. You spin around fast and find your face just inches from that of the strange boy that was cutting the roses. He half-smiles, mysteriously, and holds up a deep purple rose to you. Remering your other roses in your hands, you set those down and take his. He says just his name, "Drake," so you respond by saying yours. "please to make your aquaintance," he says. He voice is soft. "Has the Queen told you of what your mission is yet?" you notice the shackles are no longer around his ankes. You shake you head 'no.' He frowns, "Well my guess is you are to learn soon. "Why have you come here," you break in. He half-smiles again, "For you." This makes you blush yet puzzles you. Why did he come to your bedroom?, how did he get in? "Your dinner must be soon, I best leave, but I shall return at a later time to speak with you." he suddenly leans in toward your face, and you close you eyes for you think he will kiss you, but instead you feel his mouth at your ear, he whispers: "Beware, for your Queen's head will soon sit atop the very golden plates you eat your lavish treats upon. Resting in the blood of my people. Don't let yours join her, choose the right side, for the revolution will arise."
  14. So... Who do you like so far? (sorry, more character development next time. I just needed a proper intro! ;)

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