They Love Me Part 15

This is Part 15 of the series "They Love Me" kinda starting to feel lazy x_x Not our best.... We were really tired. Craving a churro ;) ahah random right? Well.... Wow, I tried mentioning the(one hundred fifty) requirement and it made me fix it. -___-

Dakota has dark brown hair&gray eyes.Matt has dark brown eyes&black hair.Jared has dirty blonde hair& blue eyes.Nick has brown hair&hazel eyes.Taylor has brown hair w/ black HL&green eyes.Dane has golden brown hair& purple eyes..Greyson has black/brown hair&indigo eyes.

Created by: Dannica&KarenFosho;)

  1. "Excuse me Brooklyn." You said to her trying to stall. "Excuse you." She laughed and suddenly everything went blank. You awoke on a cold, cement floor, your hands and legs tied together in chains. Your mouth was covered in tape and you had a really bad headache. You looked around more and noticed there were no windows, no doors, and only one tiny ceiling light. ;;
  2. "Where am I?" You thought in your head. "Why, you are in my world now sweety." Said a voice that sounded strangely familiar. "Mindreader." You consulted in your thoughts. "Mindreader,pyshic,morpher, orber,and so many other powers that I can give you." You looked around and then saw a sillohuette of a woman. She drew nearer to you and to your horror you saw Arianne. ;;
  3. She uncovered the tape from your mouth and helped you up. "One of my dear assistants is going to move you to a different room." Arianne waved her hand over one of the walls and there appeared a wooden door that was embroidered with a foreign language that you didn't recognize. She grabbed you tightly by the wrists and shoved you out the door. Arianne guided you to an area that resembled a waiting room. In the chairs were Brooklyn,Phia, a girl whom you didn't recognize with fire-orange hair, and a boy with dark, deep, icy cold eyes. The boys head was facing the floor and his hair was covering his eyes making him look really mysterious. He was holding the hand of the girl with the orange hair. ;;
  4. Arianne glared at the couple. "Daniel and Blaze, what did I say about you two?!" She snapped. The boy with the amazing eyes stared at Arianne, glanced at the girl with the orange hair, Blaze and with an apolegetic look on his face, let go of her hand. Blaze's face seemed of mixed emotions. "Blaze! Take _______ to our....special room will you?" Arianne ordered. Blaze really didn't have a choice so she got out of the chair, and hugged Daniel. He kissed her on the neck and Blaze walked over to you,grabbed hold of your wrists and started guiding you to the room ;;
  5. "Wait." Arianne said. Blaze stopped in her tracks, turned you around and looked at Arianne. "After last time, I don't trust you. Phia, go with her." Phia took the order. She stood up and took on of your arms as Blaze took the other. They guided you down a hall with pictures of real life wars and fights. Blaze and Phia stopped. Phia opened a door and pushed you into a room painted all white and nothing but white. There was nothing in the room at all. Phia locked the door and you sat down on the floor hopeless. "Dane! Dane! DAAAAAAANEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!". You screamed out. "Shudup." Said a voice you recognized as Phia's. You looked closely at the corner of one of the walls and saw a speaker that blended with the room. ;;
  6. Out of nowhere, there appeared glass which was replacing one of the walls. On the other side of the glass you saw Phia and Blaze. Phia was talking into a microphone while Blaze was just sitting down playing with her bright hair. "Why are you working with Arianne?" You croaked. "I said SHUT THE F--- UP." Phia angrily said. "I'm going to leave you with little miss flare head here. No funny business." She said again. Petrified, you nodded. Phia left the room and Blaze took the mic in her hand and said,"You're so lucky."
  7. "What?" You managed to say back to her. With a long sigh she said,"I bet you, you'll get out of this place. I can never. You're lucky that you can show affection for the one you love. I can't do that with Daniel. Arianne forbids it." "Why does she forbid it?" You asked in a sympathetic tone. "Because when her husband died, she never believed in love ever again so---" "so now she takes it out on other people." You continued on with her. "Exactly." Blaze said with another sigh. ;;
  8. "I'm...sorry." You said. "No problem." She said back. "I don't get it...your nice." You replied trying to keep the conversation going. "Arianne threatened to hurt my family if she couldn't have me for my powers. Same with Daniel." Blaze said back. "What are your powers?" You asked. "I'm able to control emotions. But all powers are useless here except for Arianne's. That's why your friends couldn't sense you here." "Oh." You said back to her. ;;
  9. Brooklyn appeared next to Blaze. She took the mic from her and said ,"Remember your little friend Matt?" You only nodded in response terrified to hear what she'd hear next. "Well. He's dead." Brooklyn said with a sinister voice. "Your lying." You said back petrified. "Alright. Whatever rocks your boat." She said back. You heaved a huge sigh. Out of nowhere the glass crashes! ;
  10. People dressed in black suits, almost like ninjas, came flooding into the room. Suddenly, you got knocked out.

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