What color rose are you?

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Rose are a common flower and most people use them for a whole bunch of stuff. There are many colors of roses. Like black,red,pink,blue,yellow,white,and many more.

Which color are YOU? Are you red? What about yellow? Or mabye white. Mabye even blue. There are more colors but I just named a couple of colors. Thanks for taking my quiz.

Created by: Rosie Tition

  1. Which color do you think is the best?
  2. You are usually...
  3. Are you social?
  4. On a scale from 1-10,(1 being less 10 being more)how kind are you?
  5. Your thoughts on kittens?
  6. What about flowers?
  7. Yoga/Strechting is...
  8. I ran out of quiestions,sorry! :|
  9. How you feeling?
  10. Goodybye!

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Quiz topic: What color rose am I?