A She-cat's Love Story

This she-cat has a hard life! She has toms chasning her all the time, and she has a hard time choosing one. Will you help her choose a mate? This quiz is for shecats only!!

Can you help her? Can you control her out of her troubles and let her have a peaceful life? It's your choice (althought she hopes you will help her) to help her or not!

Created by: Cherrystar

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  1. You are a golden shecat with blue eyes named Petalshine. You wake up and pad out of the warrior's den. Bluefang looks up and calls, "Good morning, Petalshine!" You respond with a...
  2. Whatever you did or said, Bluefang smiled and continued to patch up the warrior's den. You walk over to the fresh-kill pile. Shadowheart bounds up to you and mews uncertainly, "Would it be all right if I share with you?" You say...
  3. After that, Leopardfur comes up and says hello. You greet him and he asks you to go hunting with him. You blush.
  4. You are out hunting when suddenly, a fox jumps out! Leopardfur jumps in front of you, snarling at the fox. The fox leaps at you and you scream...
  5. You black out. When you wake up, Bluefang, Shadowheart, and Leopardfur are sitting by your side with worried looks on their face. You look at them and whisper,
  6. You heal a few days after that. The three toms seem to be fighting over you now. You go on a patrol with Bluefang and Shadowheart, and they give eachother the evil eye. You're nervous and you think,
  7. After the patrol, you go back to the warrior's den and curl up in your nest. __________ curls up in the nest next to you.
  8. It's morning and you are still sleeping. Bluefang affectionately licks you behind the ear. Your ear twitches and you wake up groggily. You see the three toms and say...
  9. The toms smile and leave the den. You think the situation over. You love all of them, but how are you going to choose? Oh, well. You walk out of the warrior's den, and Shadowheart presses his flank against you. You...
  10. Shadowheart walks away and the other two toms take this moment to run up to you and talk to you. Bluefang got called away on a patrol, so Leopardfur takes you to a beautiful meadow. You gawk at the beauty, and Leapardfur twines your tail with his. You...
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