Are you a soul reaper

People make choises in life that have out comes. make the wrong choice you get judged. Make the correct choice you get judged.This Quiz just tells you how you are judged on someones life.

People are faced with random choises daily. wheater you do what is right is up to you. Do what is write and others think well of you and the cost of youself. Do whats smart and others will hate you but you will be fine.

Created by: zachgromek
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  1. Your family is in touble and you don't have the power to save them. Do you?
  2. Someone is hurt and needs help. You..
  3. You are in a fight and loosing. do you..
  4. Someone is being held hostage. You recive demands. you..
  5. You are outnunbered unbelivaly. you..
  6. People are getting stronger and stronger for an upcoming conflict. you..
  7. Somebody you care for derly is bleeding to death and needs help, the person that hurt them is running away and getting further. You.
  8. You see someone stealing something valuable and you are the only one around. You..
  9. Someone is being attacked and is in a bad way. You are the only one around. You..
  10. You are about to get in a fight and get to choose a weapon. You choose.

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Quiz topic: Am I a soul reaper