What Soul Class Are You?

Ready to waste more of your life taking quizzes? Great! Find out what kind of soul you have in my completely unbiased, as far as you're concerned, quiz.

Do you have a soul? Probably, but the internet has given me the power to tell you otherwise. Watch as I use a whole 9 questions to determine the value of your spirit.

Created by: Hal
  1. You go to a bookstore, what do you choose to flip through first.
  2. You go to the nearest car dealership. What looks most tempting to you?
  3. Political affiliation?
  4. What TV station do you watch the most of?
  5. Where to go for breakfast?
  6. How evil do you feel when you get up?
  7. Would you describe yourself as happy? Without medication.
  8. Which of the following sound the most pleasant to you?
  9. Do you think quiz has the right number of questions?
  10. Choose a motorcycle.

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Quiz topic: What Soul Class am I?