who is your d. gray man soul mate?

soul mates are rare. they are the people who match you in mind, body and soul. they are perfect for each other in every sense of the word. they are perfectly compatible, but may be very different, like yin and yang. soul mates are extremely hard to find, but hopefully this quiz will help you to find out who your soul mate would be if you lived at the Black Order HQ in one of the besst animes ever- D. Gray Man.

so who is your D. gray man guy? who would you spend the rest of your life with? is it fun loving lavi, hard working allen, stoic and seemingly callous kanda, or polite and gentlemanly crowley? this quiz will help you to find out which exorcist is your dream guy. please enjoy.

Created by: mrsyuu
  1. what kind of hair do you look for in a guy?
  2. pick a color (i know, i know, lets just get this over with.)
  3. what is your ideal weapon?
  4. which quality attracts you to a guy?
  5. what is one of your good points?
  6. what color eyes does your ideal guy have?
  7. quick! pick one!
  8. what do you think of kanda?
  9. how about lavi?
  10. now allen?
  11. ok, now crowley
  12. lastly: whats up with lenalee?
  13. wheres your guy from?
  14. which general did he serve under?
  15. next one: who are you most jealous of?
  16. what are parents?
  17. ok: youre in danger; theres a guy whos threataning you. what does your guy do?
  18. where do you go on a first date?
  19. you are an exorcist and go on a mission with your guy. when you get to your destination, there are ten level four akuma against just you and him. what do you do?
  20. does your guy have a mangled past?
  21. what episode did he turn up in?
  22. how did your guy almost die?
  23. ok so your guy decides to get you a gift for your birthday-what is it?
  24. does your guy have long to live?

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Quiz topic: Who is my d. gray man soul mate?