SaaSide Pitsburg

Living on the SaaSide in the 50s was truly an interesting experience. Life was lived from very different perspectives and memories viewed and filtered over the years from a given perspective. How did you see it?

I f you saw it the way I did, you could join the ranks of Catherine Carney Soul Mate or you could do much worse. Raymond linke is waiting for you in the wings.

Created by: Andrew Lazorcak
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  1. What was the most frequent streetcar going up 18th Street?
  2. Where was the best sled riding on the SaaSide?
  3. What color was Mr. Rauber's new '57 Chevy?
  4. Who were Baldy and The Great Rub?
  5. Who were the most frequent visitors at 7 Monastery St.?
  6. What was Billy Martin's chosen profession?
  7. Why did the Pelc family not care for the McGonigle family?
  8. What did one normally find in an ashtray in the morning at 7 Monastery St.?
  9. What is the reason that four children might flee SaaSide Pitsburg?
  10. Which child at 7 Monastery St. sacrificed himself regularly to the anxst and frustration of the "Pater Familias" by not eating all of his supper so that the other children would get off scott free?
  11. Why did Andrew J. spend most of his free time in the cellar?
  12. What was the only edible meal that Julitta ever concocted?
  13. With whom did the youngest child at 7 Monastery St. have a lascivious relationship that no one ever knew about until this moment?
  14. Why did Joe join the army?
  15. Why did Jim go to the Philippines?
  16. Why did Mary Ann move to the West Coast?
  17. Why was there an incline from SaaSide to Allentown?
  18. Was 7 Monastery St. as dysfunctional as remembered by all siblings or was it par for the course for the 1950 Catholic, working class homestead?

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