Did you live to the fullest yet ?

This isn't an accurate quizz. I wanted to try out. But know that the result doesn't mean you didn't or have lived to the fullest. One thing that is worth keeping in mind is that; If you're happy with how you live, if you still have time for your desires to be done. Then you did live it to the fullest.

Some time, living to the fullest doesn't always mean having done AMAZING things. Most of the time, it's all about memories and learned lessons. Did you learn a lot ? Sorry for any misspellings. French native here, english isn't my forté.

Created by: KingOfDots

  1. Did you do any extreme sport ?(Bungee jumping, free fallin from a aircraft, the like.)
  2. Are you scarred of trying new things ? Like new foods, new activity, ect.
  3. Do you set yourself any goal? If yes, how many have you completed so far?
  4. Have you done any activity that is embarrassing ? Like, skinny dipping, running in the streets naked with a bag on your head, ect.
  5. Did you loose anyone ? A friends leaving you, lover breaking up, a close person died.. And it affected you badly ?
  6. Have you ever stole something small and with no value ?
  7. If you're dared, would you do 'almost' anything ?
  8. Do you consider yourself daring of the future ?
  9. Have you ever gone on a road trip with no destination in mind ?
  10. Did you got into any fight for personal reasons, to protect someone or the such ?
  11. Did you do something that left you with mental scar of trauma ? Or done anythings you regret deeply ?
  12. In general. Do you feel like you've learned alot in yours life ?

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