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  • What Soul Class Are You?
    Your Result: Spiritual Essence

    You are too good for your own good, in fact someone has probably stabbed you in alleyway for being way too kind. Speaking of which, if I see you in an alleyway I will stab you just for being better than me! Quit it.

    Result Breakdown:
    86% Spiritual Essence
    73% Human
    39% Dead
    9% Robot
    0% Republican
    Quiz URL: [no urls]

    Too good? I don't think I have ever been called that. Good, sweet, kind, yes, but never was it said that I was TOO good ;-)

  • Dead. Yes, but the description does NOT fit me, yet the word: dead, just might... >.>

    TNMEBDMS girl
  • lolz robot

    vanya colette

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