Which Relative Is Running Your Soul?

There are many nice Relatives, but there are some you just can't stand. Unfortunately, one of them has taken up residence in the House of your Soul and needs to be EVICTED.

Which Relative is running YOUR Soul? Until The Soul Blazer came along, you had no way to tell. But thanks to this revealing quiz, you will know who needs to be told to GO HOME!

Created by: Lisa
  1. When someone asks: How are you? You respond:
  2. How do you perceive the world?
  3. How would you describe yourself?
  4. Do you believe you have a choice in how you feel?
  5. How much access do you have to your emotions?
  6. Would you say you are kind to yourself?
  7. How often do you find yourself the victim of an accident?
  8. Do you find yourself competing with others?
  9. Are you uncomfortable around others?
  10. When someone asks: How are you? You respond:

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Quiz topic: Which Relative Is Running my Soul?