Which Bleach Charecter Are You

The new hit anime Bleach is slowly becoming a popculture icon not only for its exquised art work but also for its fantastic story. Ichigo Kurosaki is a fiftheen year old boy who can see spirits he meets a gorl named Rukia Kuchiki a soul reaper and a twist of fate soon has Ichigo serving as her substetute.

Are you ready to acceppt the challenge of being a soulr reaper or are you some thing else entirely take this quis to find out which of the charecters from the hit tv series you are and look forward to more quizes from me on the show cause BLEACH RULES

Created by: Nicholas
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  1. You are walking down the street and suddenly you see a spirit being chased by a hollow what do you do
  2. you dispatched that hollow with no real effort but you noticed that someone was heart in the fight now you
  3. While walking home after school you see that some punks are picking on a little kid when you walk over to see what the problem is they attack you and you
  4. hollows are attacking the city in great numbers and you friends have thier hands full fighting
  5. what color is your hair
  6. Choose you weapon
  7. which charecter are you hoping you are
  8. What is you favorite color
  9. Did you like this quiz
  10. will you tell your friends about this quiz

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