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This quiz is for charecter creation purposes in Luvodicus' Production "Dark Tides". Your answers will determine how to classify each charecter. [the rest of this space is to fill up the remaining 150 charecter limit]

Answer the following questions as your charecter would have if it where his/her view. Keep in mind, your answer will ultimately decide what your class will become...

Created by: Luvodicus
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  1. You find yourself aboard a tightly packed vessel. Your trip hasn't been pleasant. The rocking motion of the ship has turned your stomache in knots. You stand quickly, grabbing the small pouch containing your belongings.. As you lift it off the bench,
  2. Picking up all your stuff, you move up to get some air. Passing the cargo, and up a short flight of steps, you come up onto the small deck. Various planks and cargo scatter about this ship and you find it slightly uncomfortable to move past such obstacles
  3. Needless be.. you know you can only grow further where ever it is you are going.. "I just feel so lacking in __________..." (fill in the blank)
  4. Shaking your head, you push the tought aside.. "It doesn't matter... You glance down at your ______________. "I know full well I will prove my worth..."
  5. You hope you can support yourself.. You look through your belongings and know you can find value in your
  6. You gather your things quickly, as you are approaching harbor.. You prepare yourself. People respond well to what you want.
  7. As the ship docks, you hustle forward towards the platform. You desperately want off this musty, damp bucket. As you step foot off the ship, you set your sights on...
  8. Smiling to yourself, you know you are ready. You move onto the streets and are prepared to begin your life the furthest away from home you've ever been... The only thing you wish you had with you right now is..
  9. What is more important to you?
  10. What best describes your personality..

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