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  • @theskyseemsblue Well, clearly I'm really late, but I thought your comment deserved a reply - even if you'll never see it. At this point, I think my readers have unanimously agreed that this was one of their favorite parts of the series, and I thought this was a really cool addition. Unfortunately, I finished the story before I got to speak to many of my new readers, so I didn't see this until now.

    By the way, your English is fantastic. :) Thank you for writing all of this on here!

    @Tori_Bl ack I have a soft spot for Neville. He's no Draco, but he has his moments. ;)

  • ~ Now this is the second part so go down and you will see the first part because otherwise you won't understand a single word said ^-^' ~

    This time I willed the panic to subside, hoped to become my usual indifferent self. Instead, I found myself more choked up in tears.

    "Kwiatku wiato zbud/Poka mocy dar/Odwr czasu bieg/I zwr mi dawny skarb" My voice was stronger. Golden tendrils of light had sprouted from my palms in the middle of the verse. They encompassed Cassandra and the boys stared with a mixture of hope and shock at my bleeding life-force. I left increasing exhaustion loom over me like a dark raincloud. I needed to finish this quickly.

    "Ulecz kad z ran/ Odmie losu plan/ Co stracone znajd/ I wr mi dawny skarb

    Kwiatku janiej wie/ Niech zabynie czar," My voice started dying by then, just like the rest of me.

    "Odwr czasu bieg/ I wr mi dawny skarb..." My body lost all strength, collapsing onto my side, only my hand resting on her's.

    "Mj dawny skarb..." I rasped. My essence had settled on Cassandra and been absorbed by the wounds, repairing them. I hardly even noticed the searing pain of the gashes being placed on me. My eyes were closed and I waited for the connection of my body and soul to be severed.

    -She is like the go-to OC to sacrifice for me. Does that qualify as a Mary-Sue? I only started making OC's this week (took me a long time, I know) but I really don't want her to turn out to be one. I might make a quiz to get people's opinions. I am deeply sorry for any mistakes that I made but English is not my first language. And the accented letters are not in the song because GTQ doesn't seem to like them. I can't fix that. Oh- if you want to know the song then here it is: [no urls] I know it's not English but just click the play button and it will play. It's much better than the versions I found on YouTube.

    It's from TANGLED!

  • So like in every good story that I read, I imagined one of my OC's there (I even do it in stories that I don't like to kill all the stupid characters >:3)...

    I had been looking for Cassandra for FOREVER now... stupid homework. Stupid class. Urgh, stupid me. Why don't I pay attention-

    "Hang on, Cassandra"

    I froze. A pleading male voice had come from the girl's washroom. It wasn't loud so I wasn't really sure if it really said that. But the TONE of the voice and the fact that I thought it said Cassandra's name had me sprinting in the direction of the source. I never expected to see Malfoy and Potter hunched over a... a...

    "CASSANDRA!" I shrieked. Her whole body was marred with deep gashes that added blood to the ever-growing crimson puddle surrounding her. I was beside her before the two wizards could even point their wands at me. "Who did this..?" I wheezed. The boys stayed quiet. "WHO DID THIS?!" I screamed, my vision blurry with tears. Malfoy regarded me with a glare, while Potter just stared at Cassandra with devastation. I hadn't even considered the possibility of one of them doing it at that time.

    Only then had my brain launched into gear. I started casting all the healing spells I knew. But none the worked. The boys tried too but didn't succeed. Blood was everywhere, the crimson puddle was getting larger and larger, our panic rising and rising.

    That's when I realised. "There is a spell that is known only to few, and those are my family members. It is only to be used when the risk is low otherwise you will become the person that everyone remembers..." I muttered the rhyme my Babcia (means Grandma) had taught me long ago. The two idiots stared at me as though I had gone crazy.

    But I knew I hadn't.

    I laid my hands on Cassandra's left shoulder and forearm, my wand pointed at her chest, before bursting into a shaky song "Kwiatku wiato zbud

    Poka mocy-" The spell wasn't working. I threw my wan

  • Hmm... Longbottom again... :) He's not half-bad, you know... Just don't tell Ron I said that. ;)


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