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  • vulturemonem Junior
    Ok, so I want to add a little drama into year 5, so I feel like I need to add a new character. That's where you guys come in! Here are the requirements...

    1) The character must be female
    2) The character must join in year 5
    3) The character must dislike/hate/envy the main character
    4) The character must have motives for disliking/hating/envying the main character

    That's all I think! Thanks!
  • hp4evr Novice
    Name: Geraldine Murray
    Age: Fifteen
    Year: 5
    House: Ravenclaw
    Blood-Status: Half-blood
    Physical description: She is slim-built and average height (about 5'5). Her hair are a soft golden brown which fall on her shoulder with an elegant grace. Her eyes are deep blue which do not reveal her personality and contrast with her pale skin.
    Personality traits: She isn't very friendly and is proud and conceited. She thinks highly of herself and considers herself superior from others both physically and mentally. She portrays herself to be compassionate and understanding but in reality is quite the opposite. She is a typical vamp which can go to any extent to achieve what she wants.
    Reason for dislike: She has a crush on Cedric Diggory but since he is completely oblivious of her presence and is interested in the main character, she blames the main character for all her misfortunes and her jealousy can make her do anything.
    Other: Her father is a rich muggle industrialist while her mother is related to the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.
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    music826 Junior
    Name: Marissa Halder
    Age: Fifteen
    Year: Fifth
    House: Slytherin
    Blood Status: Half-blood

    Physical Description: She has curly chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her stature is tall for her age, though it is not incredibly noticeable. A dusting of freckles covers the fair skin of her face, and she has a relatively full, genuine smile that can make others tend to trust her, even with her status as a Slytherin. However, she is also fairly adept at intimidation and deceitfulness as well.

    Personality: She is generally likable as a person, but she has a definite aspect of jealousy and hotheadedness. She hates it when others get special attention and she can't stand those who seem to have everything going for them. When it comes to guys she fancies, she tends to take things very personally and can be remarkably stubborn and uncompromising about it. Otherwise, she isn't too picky about having friends from other houses (except the occasional Gryffindor), and she can be compassionate when she wants to be.

    Justification for Dislike: In general, she doesn't see how some Gryffindor girl can win the hearts of so many guys at once and appear to be so perfect. When thinking selectively, she is mostly jealous of the fact that Draco asked the main character to the Yule Ball instead of her. Unlike Pansy, she doesn't fawn over him openly, but she seethes in silence every time she sees him with the main character. As a result, her friends get tired of hanging around her and Marissa puts the blame entirely on the main character's shoulders. She has managed to convince herself that the main character has ruined what was a perfectly good life at Hogwarts.

    Miscellaneous: Her mother is a pureblood witch that was disowned from the family after marrying a Muggleborn wizard, which Marissa was always a bit resentful about. They manage a quaint shop in Diagon Alley.
  • Wildfire Newbie
    Name: Ellen Clearwater
    Age: Fifteen or sixteen
    House: Slytherin
    Blood Status: Half-blood

    Physical description: Ellen is quite tall for her age, but it doesn't look odd and completely suits her. She has wavy dark hair that are usually arranged in a French braid and hazel green eyes. Her skin has a soft tan which she got from staying outdoors. In general, she could be considered beautiful.

    Personality: She is considered likable by many and could manage to have a charming personality when she wants. People are not even bothered by the fact that she's Slytherin and she has a wide circle of friends outside her own house. However, she's never open in showing her resentment and she even talks to her so-called enemies. Her tactic is to try to get closer and then attack silently, without letting the other person know but she doesn't realise that people would be able to see through her facade one day. She is not as bad as the other Slytherins but she shares with them a common sense of pride, deceitfulness and the desire to achieve anything they want even if they have to go any lengths for it.

    Reason for dislike: There are many reasons because of which she hates the main character. Firstly, the main character's a Gryffindor and it make all sense to hate her, herself being a Slytherin. She is also resentful of the main character because she manages to get all the attention especially from guys. It's natural jealousy what she feels but the way she tackles with it is surely not natural.

    Other: She is younger sister of Penelope Clearwater, former Head Girl and Prefect of Ravenclaw. Unlike her sister, she is never made a prefect but she doesn't care about it either.
  • hp4evr Novice
    @vulturemonem I'm taking back the character I had earlier created. I don't think she's evil at all! :/ Instead, I'm submitting a new character by the name of 'Rebecca Gardener'. I don't even know whether I should be doing this but anyways, here is the new character.
  • hp4evr Novice
    Name: Rebecca Gardener
    Age: Fifteen
    Blood-Status: Half-blood
    House: Whatever you prefer but in my opinion, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

    Physical Appearance: Rebecca is blonde, with slightly wavy hair that reach her shoulders and are usually tied in a pony tail but ocassionally, aren't tied at all. Beneath the arched brows, are present her eyes which are a shade of green, and are framed by long, stiff bristles. They are the only part of her physique that give an aura of deceit and envy. She has a pert nose and small, cherry lips. Her tongue is smooth, eloquent and has the power to charm anyone who listens. She is quite tall.

    Personality: Born to a muggle father and pureblood mother, her personality was much shattered in her early years, owing to her father's reluctance to accept his wife's and then his daughter's magical status. This led to her development as a deceitful, troubled teen and later on, a jealous vamp. She believes herself to be the most miserable person in the world, and instead of finding a fault in her own conducts, she lays all the blame onto the others. She never trusts anyone, not even her so-called friends, and knits all the conspiracies against her enemies on her own. She is quite intelligent, but unfortunately, she is what you call an 'evil brain'. The main character may face a lot of trouble while dealing with her, because at first, she may appear to be somewhat friendly and it's not easy to see through her facade. However, when she declares a 'war' against someone, she'll not hesitate to show her hatred and vehemence.

    Reasons for dislike: It was never easy for her to accept that the main character manages to get all the attention, and her jealous nature prompted her to take an instant dislike of the main character. Her hatred intensified when she saw that the main character and the Triwizard champion, Cedric Diggorry are together and her evil brain immediately set to split them. She never cared whether Cedric liked her in turn or not, she only wanted to make the main character suffer and see her miserable.

    Other: She is the only child of her parents and though she doesn't know, she is related to the main character (as cousins).
  • vulturemonem Experienced
    @hp4evr it's no problem. Thanks for your re-entry!
  • bananabread Novice
    Name: Natalie Nott
    Age: turns 15 a week after school starts
    Blood: Pure
    House: Slytherin

    Appearance: Short black hair, fairy-like face, dark blue eyes, rather short, skinny, pale, and has big ears that she's always hiding underneath her hair. In general she looks like an skinny, older 2nd year.

    Personality: Mean, harsh if she doesn't really know you/like you (because of how short she is, Napoleon complex), frustrated because she just doesn't get people, truly she is a lost person who doesn't want to live up to her fathers expectations of being a Death eater and secretly wants to become a Magizoologist (ie study dragons).

    Reason to Dislike: She thinks that "______" is a popular girl for no reason while Natalie is lost in the crowd. Natalie has a crush on Draco (since their families are kinda close) but he's still after "_____". Also Natalie despises the fact that all the boys chase after "_____" and Natalie has never had a boyfriend/anyone interested in her. And lastly, she just doesn't get "_____" in general (because of Natalie's personality).

    Other: Has a twin brother Theodore who is opposite in most of her personality traits, their mother died after they were born so they both can see Thestrals, and raised by their father.
  • vulturemonem Experienced
    Just to say, this is closed now. One of my quizzes announces the winner.
  • Blahh45 Newbie
    This is probably late, but I still want to add.
    Name: Pyra Hobkins
    House: Up to you
    Blood-status: unknown, was orphaned at birth
    Appearance: about 5.2", faint brown hair, purple eyes, slim, casual yet beautiful.

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