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  • @hp4evr Thank you so much! Haha, yes, I've been writing like crazy lately. I'm just getting so frustrated with moving so slowly, so I've been cramming it in everywhere I can. I'm struggling with not taking it too fast, but it's really difficult not to sometimes!

    Ah, the Snape reference. I never knew it was so popular before, but I guess turning to a certain page is REALLY interesting to Harry Potter fans. XD

    I think I would have reacted exactly how Hermione reacted as far as the Half-Blood Prince's book. Bottom line - no extra help or it's cheating in my book. But honestly, I would have done the same thing as Harry. It's only cheating when it's someone else. XD

    Yes, when it comes to the plots we already know from the book, I don't really put in the effort to make anything obscure. But who knows, the reaction might surprise you!

    I don't really care too much about being the first to finish, but I do think it would be pretty cool. My only goal is to finish regardless of whether I'm first or not. But I'm so close I can't really imagine quitting now, so I'm not really too worried. I just hope I can finish this up before school starts or I could be in trouble. :P

  • Brilliant! A great edition as always. You never fail to amaze me! (:

    You actually managed to write all of sixth year? Now that's amazing! :o I don't know how it feels like, I think I'm even extending my third year and if I continue with the same speed, I'd be stuck writing Harry Potter fan fictions even when I'm at the university (and that's highly possible). :(

    I noticed the Snape reference 'Turn to page three hundred and ninety four'. It's actually from book 3 but this line has been so much publicized that it was NOT possible for you not to use it again! Haha. :p

    Harry, Harry ... hmmm. Well, he's certainly not cheating because after all, he had made the potion himself. There are worse ways of cheatings, but I agree, it's difficult not to get annoyed at the supposed "cheaters" and if it was in my power, I would have expelled them all. *power fist* Haha, so I don't blame Hermione and Cassandra, their reaction is natural! xD

    Draco's a Death Eater and it's obvious. I'm excited to see Cassandra's reaction when she finds out the "obvious". Oh boy, it would be nasty ... :>

    (By the way, I found out that someone else has finished their HLS here on GTQ - I forgot the username - but since it wasn't very detailed and was only based on the outline, I don't know whether it counts. However, you'd still be the first one to finish the "real" HLS). :)

    Looking forward to more!

  • Calm down music! You don't need to work like a zombie! Still, I think it's pretty cool to finish the entire HLS. I can't imagine quitting this series either, and I'm not even halfway through! *sighs* What's going to kee my alive through school without this to look forward to? Everything seems to be finishing! I'll be so bored!

    I'm not entirely sure why, but the 'turn to page three hundred and ninety four' line made me remember Harry and Rin being whacked over the heads after Umbridge asks Snape about his position as potions master, and applying for DADA teacher. That was funny!

    I never know what to think about the Half Blood Price's book. After all, in Harry's position, I would have done the same. It's only using what's available to you, right? But then again, in Hermione and Cassandra's positions, I'd probably have done the same as them. Why couldn't I have had the book with the extra notes?! It's a difficult one. I'm nt sure what the right answer is!

    Like @hp4evr, I'm incredibly excited to see how Cassandra reacts when she finds out that Draco is a Death Eater... And when she finds out that he had a large hand in killing Dumbledore. It won't be pretty. At least, I assume it won't be!

    I'm really loving this, and I honestly can't wait for the next edition. I'll also be very interested to see what you do for the seventh year, with regards to Cassandra. I know what I plan to do.



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