Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 4)

Will you get your Hogwarts Best Friend? Since it is only your first year, you can be nothing more than friends. That however will change in your third year.

Discover your twisted life at Hogwarts while making new friends...... And enemies....... Along the way. Read on.

Created by: Blahh45

  1. Author's Note: When we left off, you had actually met Malfoy and he is determined to 'figure you out.' You have gotten Howlers, which you out howled, for petty reasons. You met a girl named Tatyana and Hermione seems to be ignoring you. Will you find out why?
  2. You awoke at 6:00am, as usual, you showered, dressed in your school robes, and braided your hair. Once you had gotten ready you finished up some of your homework from last night, which is just perfecting the bubble charm; Creobulla, and went to return a few library books. You almost got busted by Filch for being up before hours, before breakfast. This hadn't occurred to you until your return from the library where you almost ran head-on into him, barely avoiding his sight. 'Wonderful way to start the day,' you thought 'I didn't run into Filch so things actually might go my way.' You headed to the Gryffindor Common Room when the Girl's Dorm stairs became a slide. A first year boy had tried to give his sister something she had left in the common room. "What's her name?" You ask the boy. "Tatyana," he answers. "Oh, I know her, but I didn't know she had a brother!" You exclaimed, "I'll take it to her if you'd like." He nodded while giving you a small package that shouted angry words for not being in its master's hands. You told the box to hold its lock, yes you are terrible at jokes but not at pranks, and headed upstairs. You walked over to Tatyana, holding the blue and bronze striped box's lid closed so it couldn't shout, you shook Tatyana sending her deep blue hair flying while color returned to her tanish face. She awoke with a start and a gasp, "_______!" She hissed, "You scared me!" "Sorry, your brother said you left this downstairs," you excused handing her the box, hoping it would shut up now.
  3. Tatyana nodded a thank you and opened the box. You see a tiny blue creature inside. "A Cornish Pixie?" You whispered astonished. "Sort of. It's a Cornish Pixie, yes. But this one has a charm on him so he can talk. I keep it because it reminds me when my next exam is and what my homework is." Tatyana stated proudly. You just gaped at the tiny blue creature. "Wait. Let me get this straight. You carry an enchanted, talking, Cornish Pixie around to tell you when to do your homework?!" You whisper-shouted. "Pretty much," she nodded. "That. Is. Bloody brilliant! Where can I get one?" You exclaim. Tatyana relieved unto you that Fred and George sell them for seven sickles each. You grab seven sickles from your trunk and bolt downstairs. Not many people are awake yet. Only..................Hermione, and a very quiet boy in his seventh year. You sit beside Hermione, "Hermione?" You ask not wanting her to bolt again. She looks at you "Hmm?" "Just wondering if you could tell me............why are you avoiding me?" She seemed taken aback by the question. "I'm not," she said in a non-convincing tone. "Hermione, don't play dumb with me. It's not a game that your good at. This is the like the third time we've said more than a couple words to each other since Diagon Alley!" You shouted having your small temper hit the danger zone. She said she had things to do. "What's better than actually talking to your best friend Hermione?" You ask exasperated. She just shook her head and headed off toward the library.
  4. Everyone was up now. As soon as the two red-headed third years descended the stair case you smiled. "Fred! George!" You shouted looking at them. They walked towards you and sat down across from you, "Yes???" They dragged out the question in unison. "I want a pixie. The homework reminding Cornish Pixie," you demanded thrusting the sickles into George's hand. They nodded and stood, "You are now a client of the Weasley Brothers.""Would you prefer a blue, black, pink, red, or purple pixie?" Fred started, letting George finish. "If you wish me to be a happy client, I want updates on ALL new Wealsey Products, AND I want to be a test subject (will do. And make sure to give Madam Pomfrey your medical records) of course Fred. And........ Hmmm? Red, please, George." You answered the two with a curtesy and a laugh. George pulled a tiny red and gold striped box to you. "I'll call him, Godric. For Godric Gryffindor. Mostly for these three reasons; 1) I am in Gryffindor. 2) If I wasn't I would prefer Gryffindor and 3) The box is Gryffindor house colors!" You stated opening the box to see a toga-draped, red pixie. "Good choice! Hello Godric." Fred and George said in unison. And you headed toward the Hospital Wing owing to breakfast is an hour later.
  5. Time just flew by! Before you even knew what happened you had given Madam Pomfrey your medical records, eaten breakfast and headed to your first class, flying. You were so excited! You have heard of Quidditch, but being raised by your anti-magic cousin, you didn't know what it was. It was a flying lesson with Gryffindor and Slytherin, so you decided to stand between Harry and, your hopefully still best friend, Hermione. "Good afternoon, class!' The teacher shouted. "Good afternoon, Madam Hooch!" The class chanted back. Madam Hooch instructed everyone to step up to the left side of their brooms. You did so and followed the next instruction, put your hand over the broom and say up. "Up!" You demanded in unison with the rest of the class. You and Harry prevailed instantly. Although, unlike Harry, you didn't sway as your broom was magically thrusted into your right hand. Ron was whacked in the face by his broom, you and Harry laughed while Ron told the both of you to shut it. Hermione how ever was having difficulty, being her best friend, you decided to help.
  6. "Here Hermione, let me help." You said walking towards her. Hermione reluctantly agreed to your help. 'Okay, how can I relate this to her? Ahhh!' You thought to yourself. "Your doing everything right except for your tone. Your broom is like an animal. It needs a demanding tone of voice to obey. You know how upset you get when a library doesn't have a certain book and you tell them that they have to get it?" She nodded. "You have to use that tone. Be adamant with it." You tell her. She tries and succeeds at commanding her broom into her hands. "Thanks." She states looking away. 'What. Is. Up. With. Her?' You wonder as Madam Hooch gives the next instruction. She blows her whistle and Neville rises into the air. Madam Hooch is sputtering to make Neville retouch the ground. "NEVILLE!!!!!!" You shout. Neville's broom goes crazy and he is crashing into the castle wall, repeatedly.
  7. Neville was not doing well. He had thrashed multiple times into the wall and was now hanging from the torch bracket. Riiiipppp you hear as Neville's robe is torn and he falls until he reaches the next torch bracket and latches on to it. Ri-iii- you ran to the front of the gathering crowd just as Neville fell. "Levicorpus!" You shouted, pointing your wand at Neville as he was hoisted into the air by his ankle just before he fell onto the ground. "Ready, Neville?" You asked, he nodded. You flicked your wand up and he fell an inch onto the ground. "Thanks _______! That could've been bad." Neville stated as he tried and failed to stand. "Madam Hooch, I think he should go to the Hospital Wing, he hit his head pretty hard," you stated throwing your ________ braid from your shoulder. The professor nodded and instructed, "Everyone is to remain firmly on the ground while I take Mr. Longbottom to the Hospital Wing. And if I see a single broom in the air, the one riding it will find themselves out of Hogwarts before they can say Quidditch." Everyone nodded as she whisked Neville away. Draco walked over to where Neville had fallen and retrieved something. Neville's Remembrall. "Maybe if the pathetic lump had given this a squeeze he would have remembered to stay on the ground!" "Give it here, Malfoy!" Harry demanded. "No! I think I'll leave it somewhere for the idiot to find. How about on the roof?" Draco said as he mounted his broom and flew away. You and Harry quickly mounted your brooms and followed. Ignoring any protests from Hermione. 'When I am about to do something to get myself expelled, she finally chooses to talk to me!' You think angered as you and Harry fly up to Malfoy. You both charge at him, he dodges and throws the Remembrall in the air. You zoomed after it, your braid trailing behind you and your robes whipping against the wind. You catch it. Malfoy charges you. You throw the Remberall towards Harry, who catches it swiftly in front of a window.
  8. After you had landed everyone congratulated Harry as you were shunted to the side. You were used to it so it didn't bother you......much at least. An angry Hermione stomped towards you, you were angry so you went all sarcastic. "Oh hi, Hermione! Finally decide to talk to me? Or did the library run out of books?" She just stared at you, disgusted. "Look! I told you, I've had other things to do!" She shouted at you, no one noticed. "Hermione, for two years you have told me at least a vague description of what it is you're doing. What's up?" You demanded. "Family issues." She said bluntly. 'I don't have to tell her what family though' she thought. "Okay, thank you. And I'm sorry, and good luck." You smiled, upset with yourself. Hermione just nodded feeling bad for lying.
  9. After your talk with Hermione, Professor Mcgonnagle came from the castle. "________ Blackwell and Harry Potter! Follow me!" The professor said with a small smile. You looked at Harry who looked at you. You were both thinking the exact same thing, 'We are going to be expelled.' You and Harry shared a frightened look and followed Mcgonnagle. She had a large stride so you had to run to keep up. You accidentally touched Harry's hand. "Ouch!" You both said. The small interaction had sent an electric shock up to your collar and up to Harry's forehead. You stumbled at the shock and hit Harry again. "Ow!" He whisper-shouted and glared at you. "Sorry!" You hissed back. "Harry and ______ this is Oliver Wood. Wood, I have found you a seeker and a backup chaser," Mcgonnagle smiled. You were shocked, "Wait! For tossing Harry a small ball, quickly, while being charged, I get to be a backup chaser for the Quidditch Team?" You ask bewildered. Your transfiguration professor just smile and nodded. "Awesome!" You shouted punching the air. Harry just nodded, smiling, not looking at you. You ran happily backdown to the grounds where your flying lessons were. Before you got outside you put a sad face on and walked in. Hermione walked towards you but Draco beat you there. "Get expelled yet? Sorry if you did." "Thanks......I guess? And no, I was not expelled. In fact, I made a backup chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team!" You smiled at his astonishment, even though you were confused by his apology.
  10. You went to bed afterwards, not wanting to wait until Friday because Katie Bell was in the Hospital Wing from a bludger, so you could play. 'Crap! I promised Tatyana to help her study!' *slaps self on forehead* 'Well it is Wednesday so I can help her tomorrow!' *Inside cry of joy* You soon drifted off to sleep. You saw a green light and then your mother and step-father dropped dead while your mother held you. "Ahhhhhhhh!" You screamed in your high pitched voice. You awoke. "MUM!!!!!!!" You screamed in terror looking around the floor. You began to relax. It was morning and the whole of Gryffindor girls came to check on you. You assured everyone it was just a fairly realistic nightmare. You had to, unfortunately, skip charms because everyone was content you go to the Hospital Wing. You walked down the stairs and everyone began to bombard you with questions, other than Harry. "I. Am. Fine. Everyone. It was just a very realistic bad dream!" You assured everyone as you made your way towards Harry. "Hi! Harry? Are you okay?" You asked concerned. "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. What was your dream about?" He asked quick to change the topic. "Just my parents. Dying. I think it was 11 years ago today," you sighed tearing up. "It's alright, ________. I have dreams like that a lot," Harry sighed. He almost gave you hug but as soon as his arm touched you the shocking sensation erupted again. "Ouch!" You both laughed. "What is up with that?" Harry asked you just shook your head and passed out. You awoke in the hospital wing after charms. Huh? What happened?" You asked feeling suddenly ready to leave. "You just passed out," Madam Pomfrey said. She then let you leave. You quickly found Ron and Harry in a group with a lot of other students.
  11. "It's LeviOsa no LeviosA! I'm telling you she's a nightmare! No wonder she hasn't got any friends!" Ron shouted as he walked away from charms. "Who?" You ask already knowing the answer. "Hermione," Ron said simply. "FYI Ronald, she does have friends. In fact she is MY best friend!" You shouted punching him hard in the arm. Hermione ran past, crying. You gave Ron a death glare as you followed, "Hermione! Hermione!" You shouted hearing Harry say, "It's her loss mate. Besides its best if she isn't around me at least. Every time we touch, even if it's just a second, I get an electric shock to the forehead."
  12. Okay! I'm done whatd'you think? Rate and comment please. Answer this one question in the comments 1) What's with the shocks? Thanks all!!! Please please please comment! Also tell me of any other Hogwarts stories like this so I have more inspiration! Thanks! :) =}

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