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  • Awesome! I still absolutely LOVE your series so far, and I can't believe that barely anyone has been commenting! Your series deserves much more admiration!:-) In regards to your previous questions, I think that you should bring Fred and George into the results, but possibly just as friends.I think that Cedric should still die, but that's up to you.:-) Please keep writing, and I hope that more people will start noticing how brilliant your series is! :-)

  • Harry this time...I know this one didn't have Ron in it much, but does it hate me?

    Okay, I want to say that Ronald Billius Weasley and I have been married for two weeks as of the 24th. 20 days in... 12 hours and 40 minutes.

    *brings out a hankerchief and dabs at tears in eyes* Yes, my dearest Ronald and I were married 10 December, at precicely noon. I'm just lucky enough that we got this far!

  • Neville?! Are you absolutely SERIOUS?! Where's my hub-to-be, Ronald Billius Wealsy?! BRING ME MY RONALD!!!!!! I want to strangle Hermione, and Lavender too, while I'm at it, cuz I don't want Lav to be ANYWHERE near Ron for the next three years. Hermione too. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!! i AM NOW SENDING A BILLION PETER PETTIGREWS YOUR WAY, AND EVEN A FEW VOLDEMORTS WHILE i'M AT IT. Please, don't leave out Ron. He's the awesomeest guy in the whole wizarding world, for Merlin's sake! Unicorn turds, why wasn't Ron in this quiz?! pLEASE, LET HIM BE IN THE NEXT ONE!!!!

    oKAY, REEEALLY sorry, I get crazy sometimes. I'll cancel the billion P.P's. Just a million. And I won't forget the ten Voldemorts. Just tell me Ron's in the next one?!

  • This is awesome!!! Is Harry mad at me for not hearing someone scream?


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