Don't leave me hanging part 24

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Welcome to the twenty-fourth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. This part focuses mostly on Jack, but some of the answers still do count towards the other guys.

Recap: You woke up to find Jack, Owen, and Cory in the house. However, Kris has gone missing. You became upset, Jack came to comfort you. That's when you decide to kiss him.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. Jack seems surprised at first, but he kisses you back. His lips linger by yours for a moment before it seems he makes a decision and kisses you again, longer this time and deeper as if the first one was just testing the waters. When the kiss stops, you look up into Jack's face. His eyes are like a sparkling, gentle blue ocean, radiating pure happiness in waves. "I liked that," you state simply. Anything more complex dosn't seem to fit with the moment. Jack grins, "I liked that too." You rest your head on his chest and wrap your arms around him. You listen to his fast, but steady heartbeat as both of you stand like that in peaceful silence for a couple moments.
  2. "I've wanted to do that for a while now," Jack confesses, breaking the silence, "But I have to admit, I was nervous about how you'd react." "You, nervous? Never," you laugh. He smiles, "I know, me, nervous, but it happens." "Are you nervous about the mission on Saturday?" you ask. He looks down at you, "Nervous only for your safety. Are you?" You just shrug and look away, unsure how to vocalize what you feel about the ball. "You'll be safe, _______," Jack promises, "It's at the top of every one of our to-do lists, even higher than the mission itself." He bends down and kisses your forehead, "You're always safe with us."
  3. "Well since today's plans don't exist anymore, I've got a free day. Mind spending some time with me, _______?" Jack asks. "Okay," you agree, since you don't have anything to do today either. "Did you want to do anything specific?" Jack asks you. You think for a bit, but all that keeps popping up in your mind is the upcoming mission at Blake's ball. You don't know how you're going to pull it off when you've never done this sort of thing before. "Well," you begin hesitantly, "Do you mind if we do training or something because I don't feel ready for this Saturday."
  4. "Sure," Jack agrees, "We're going to have to focus on magic skills though because in my 'condition' I shouldn't be fighting. I guess we could finish up on your elements training. We can get to controlling earth and air. They're a little bit harder than fire and water, but I think you'll do fine." Jack shoots you a smile. He grabs one of your hands and leads you out the door in the kitchen to the backyard. "Remember how to turn into your magical form?" he asks. You nod and close your eyes, focusing your mind on one thought.
  5. You feel the familiar rush of energy throughout your body and open your eyes. The greens of the trees and the grass are greener and livelier. The sky is a light and airy blue. The clouds are so pure white and fluffy. Every breath of air you breath in is like a draught of life. However, all this is just a backdrop to the sight of Jack before you. The rays of the sun shining through the clouds pale in comparison to the golden creamy softness of his wings and his hair. The sky seems washed out when you look into his blue eyes, eyes that are accented with the slightest deep indigo. His skin even seems to glow, regardless of the red slash of his re-opened injury on his chest. You don't think you'll ever be able to not stare at him when he looks so... godly. Your sharp immortal vision serves to emphasize that even more.
  6. Jack walks around to the back of you, and you hear the rustle as he runs his hands along the feathers of your wings, "You'll probably have to train at least one more time before the mission because, right now, your wing size is giving you away as a newbie. Actually, the longer you stay in magical form, the quicker they'll grow, so maybe it wouldn't hurt for you to stay like this until saturday?" "okay," you agree and then add on because of curiousity, "What color are they, my wings?" "You haven't seen yourself yet?" Jack questions. When you shake your head, he takes your hand again, "Come on, let's go let you have a look."
  7. Jack leads you through the mini-forest behind the house and to a small lake. The lake isn't perfectly circular, but it's pretty close. The water is almost absolutely still, yet it's crystal clear. "We call it 'Mirror Lake'. Creative, I know," Jack laughs. You stand by the shore of the lake and peer into the water. You gasp...
  8. You're astonished by what you see. Your reflection looks like you, but it seems more exotic and otherworldly. Your hair, falling over your face, has a sheen to it (silver if you have black/platinum blond hair, gold if you have brown/blond/red hair). You push it behind your ears, which are tapered and extend at least half an inch abpve it's normal height. You open your mouth to see that, where you canine teeth were, there are two fangs which are set a little closer and seem semi-transparent. The most dramatic of the changes you see, however, is your eyes. They have different shades of indigo and purple dancing in complex patterns within your irises, so that your gaze seems a little disorienting and dizzing. It seems strangely compelling though, as if your eyes are drawing you into their depths. You shake your head to break whatever connection that was and shift around to look at your wings. You manage to extend your right wing enough that you can still look into the lake and see your wing at the same time. Your wings are pure, fluffy white and look about 3 feet long, which surprises you because last time you checked, after escaping Logan's mansion, they were only a foot long. You think you look...
  9. "You're quite the sight," Jack smiles, coming up next to you to look at your reflection. He wraps an arm around your waist casually, and, seeing that reflected in the water, it looks like a picture that you'd love to capture. One that symbolizes comfort. And friendship. And a preview of a future with Jack... You turn your back to the lake to clear your thoughts. You don't know why you're thinking of a future with Jack. Being with this team wasn't for romance; it was for being involved in the magical world. Besides, you've barely even gotten to know him fully.
  10. "Can we start with air?" you request, eager to turn your attention to things that didn't require so much complex thinking. "Of course," Jack replies, "So, controlling earth and air are like fire and water; you have to almost make yourself become like the element in order to use it. For air, you generally have to feel free and impulsive. For earth, it's normally stable and controlled. You'll know when you get to that point; you'll feel it. Then all you have to do is call out to it and think about what you want it to do."
  11. Jack's instructions seem a bit vague to you, seeing as how you've been used to Marisa's straighforward, blunt orders recently, but you decide to go with the flow, try it, and see where it takes you. After all, that is what being like air is supposed to be, right? You begin by thinking of air, of flying, of being like a bird, free to travel the world. Your concentration starts wavering to other things, and you try to rein it in again before you realize that's the opposite of what you want to do. Cautiously, you let give your mind the freedom to roam wherever.
  12. It feels almost as if you're trying to get out of magical form, but different. You know you exist in the forest behind Kris's house, but you feel insubstantial, almost like a shadow. The wind, which you hadn't noticed before, swirls around you. At times, it seems like it takes shape as a recognizable animal, but those moments are so brief, you're not sure if you imagined them. You reach out an open hand, without being too sure about what you're doing. The air around you seems to form into curls, and they twine around your arm, encasing it in a shifting wind guantlet-like covering. You will some of the wind to escape with your mind, and a gust of wind comes out, ruffling all the leaves of the trees in front of you. It's a good thing Jack is by your side and wasn't in front of you.
  13. "That was excellent," Jack praises you, "That wind gauntlet is creative and unique; I've never seen something like that before." You blush a little, "Thanks, but I wasn't really planning that." "Well it works," Jack smiles, "Will you move to earth now?" You nod. "Okay, this time, when you can feel the earth power, you will actually have to move your hands to direct the earth because it's a bit more resistant. It might seem a little awkward, but, trust me, in battle, no one is paying attention to how graceful you move," Jack advises you.
  14. You don't know where to start for the earth power, but you guess you should just try concentrating and thinking about nature. You make your thought process follow a pattern like when you started focusing on the tree in front of you, you thought first of it's leaves, examined those, then moved onto the branches, and then the trunk. After a while of examining the ground and the plants in the area, you starts to feel rather than hear a humming of the life of the nature around you. It feels like you're underwater because you're surrounded by the humming, and all other sound seems to reach you much slower. The humming undulates, the tones changing in different places. When you focus on Jack, the hum is loud and quick, whereas when you focus on the tree, the hum is slower and more mellow. When you focus on the ground, the hum is at its slowest and has a richness to the hum.
  15. You don't know what to do, but you decide to focus on moving the dirt of the ground because it seems the least complicated to you. You single out the hum of the earth, concentrate on it, then move your hand in a random motion. A chunk of dirt flies out of the ground, leaving a hole behind. "Thats a start," Jack smiles. He goes over to you and starts helping you go through different motions by guiding your hands.
  16. After some time, when Jack is satisfied with the training for the day, you two sit on the shore of the lake next to each other, just enjoying the nature. You decide to learn more about Jack. "So Jack," you start, "I'm curious about the story between you, your mom, and Blake. I mean I heard it from Blake and kind of from your mom, but I want to hear it from you. I mean, if you don't mind telling me." "It isn't that different from what you know. Well, I don't know how Blake portrayed it, but sure, I'll tell you," Jack says.
  17. "Well, I've always lived with only Luna and Stella because my dad left before I was born. Eventually, I left because I felt more like a test subject than a son when she learned about our immortal lineage. I moved to Blake's parents' house, but they aren't the most supportive people. I got kicked out when I discovered my magical form, and lived in the forests and the streets alternatively for the next few years. About 5 years ago, Blake found me again. We and a couple other immortals he had found formed a group. We didn't do much. We were just an assortment of abandoned teenage outcasts, mostly guys though ther were some girls, who had nothing better to do or nowhere else to go."
  18. "That changed when Blake heard about the legend of the Spirit Medallion. He was convinced we, as a unique group of semi-immortals, needed to find it because we were the only ones who truly could appreciate it. Everyone agreed for a lack of better things to do, but after time, it seemed like curiosity and boredom were no longer the motivation. Blake met with all sorts of odd characters and seemed obsessed with finding the pieces. When I interrupted one of his meetings, it turned into a fight, that's where I got this wonderful scar. I have to admit that I was so angry about it all by that point that I... burned down the whole headquarters. There were people in the building, but no one got hurt. Still, I'm not proud of it," Jack admits, looking off in the distance as if he could see the past before him. "Well, like you said, no one got hurt. Everyone's anger can get out of hand sometimes," you tell him reassuringly, "You shouldn't feel guilty about it still since it was all that time ago." Jack looks at you and smiles, "You're really sweet, _______."
  19. "Thanks," you reply, blushing a little, "So what happened after that?" "Oh, well since I ruined my chances there, I felt that my only option was to return to Luna. Kris, who I had just met recently at that time, also wanted to leave, so I took a chance and brought him as well," Jack continues his story, "So, I went back to Luna and told her what had happened to Blake. In the time since I had left, she had learned a lot more about the whole magical world, and Stella had found her magical form. Luna told us exactly how much damage Blake could do with the medallion and its necklaces, and we all agreed that could never be allowed to happen. We started this team, and have been adding to it ever since. So that's a summary of my history."
  20. As you mull over what he just told you, you wonder what Kris's history is since you basically already know Cory and Justin's, but you quickly reach for some other topic to take your mind off of Kris's disappearance, "So when we get the necklace on Saturday, what will we do with it?" Jack looks thoughtful, "I don't quite know, _______. Put it somewhere hard to get to probably unless it can be destroyed." "What about Blake and his team, what are we going to do about them?" you inquire. "We need to break it up. Even if they stopped looking for Spirit Medallion pieces, the group would still be dangerous because many of the commanders there are power-hungry and will find some other way to start a problem," Jack responds. "That sounds like a lot of work ahead of us," you comment. "At least we can face it together, alongside people we care about," Jack says, smiling at you.
  21. You blush a little again, realizing how many hints he's dropping that he really likes you. You feel a little cold, and looking around, you see why. It's already evening, and it's even slightly dark outside. Jack notices you looking around and says, "Yeah, it's getting late, we should go back." You walk through the forested backyard of the house, leaning on Jack who has his arm around your waist. Jack holds open the back door for you, and, right when you step into the kitchen you hear, "_______! There you are!"
  22. It's Stella at the stove. She has her long blond hair tied up in a ponytail, a wooden spoon in her hand, and is wearing a cheery, cherry patterned apron. She goes over to you, gives you a hug, and greets you with a, "Yo chica!" "Oi you!" she shouts when she sees Jack, "You owe me for volunteering to cook because I got no notice telling me that neither Marisa or Kris was here. Justin was going to cook. You don't know it, but that boy in the kitchen is like me trying to fix a car. It's so not his territory." Jack laughs, "Good to see you too, Ellie." He ruffles her hair, and she swats him away, going back to the stove as she fixes her hair.
  23. From home economics class, you know Stella isn't a bad cook. However, she tends to be all over the place, and the ingredients literally fly. Already, you notice that her floured area on the counter has spread over to the cabinets, the floor, and the sink. You know what you should do. "Can I help, Stella?" you ask. "Yeah, yeah," she replies distractedly, seeing as she trying to check the oven and stir a pot at the same time. "I'll leave you ladies to it, then," Jack excuses himself, "I'm a little kitchen-impaired."
  24. You work with Stella to prepare the dinner; it's going to be a from-scratch pizza meal. She swears that you'll never want to go back to delivery pizza again once you eat her version. You do have to admit that, once all the food is prepared, it does smell really good even though you're not sure it's going to be worth all the clean up of the huge mess Stella made of the kitchen. After dinner, it actually does seem like the food was worth it, and it's a good thing Stella insisted on making at 5 full pies because Cory and Jack eat a lot. Since it's late, you say good night to everyone, get ready for bed, and go to sleep.
  25. A white glow shines in the distance. "_______," the familiar voice calls...
  26. I know it was all Jack in this part, but who do you like?

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