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There are many Star Wars fans, but few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a genius? A Extrordanaraliy clever mind, is able to solve lots of problems.

Are you a Star Wars expert? Try your luck here and see. And after words try Ithorian's other quizes after. Try the quiz to see if you are a super Star Wars Fan!!!!

Created by: Ithorian

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  1. The Millennium Falcon is based off of a hamburger what is the radar based off of?
  2. Most Storm Troopers are _____ handed?
  3. Who shot first? Han or Greedo
  4. What was the last character to talk in the movie New Hope?
  5. Which MAJOR character was never mentioned by name in the movies?
  6. Wich Jedi carried a Blissl?
  7. Who are the Characters that are in all the movies?
  8. What was the most popular planet in Star Wars?
  9. What speceis is Ree-Yees?
  10. Did Boba Fett die? And if not who saved him?
  11. What band plays for Jabba?
  12. Is General Greavious a Sith?
  13. _____ means come here in Jawese?
  14. Who did Obi-Wan save from the criminals, Ponda Boba and Dr.Evazon, in the cantina?
  15. What is Jabba's 2 Pets

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