Ultimate Star Wars Test

Time to test how much you know about the movies of star wars. If you don't know enough about it you better do some research. A good website to research on is [no urls]

All in all, I really hope you will enjoy my quiz and leave with top marks. I wish you good luck on my quiz. Oh, and like I said earlier if you don't know much you should research before doing this.

Created by: Dude
  1. What color light-saber does Count Dooku have?
  2. Where are the Clone Troopers given their growth spurt?
  3. What is Anakin's main reason for becoming a Sith Lord?
  4. What is Anakin's Sith Title?
  5. What species do the Naboo team up with to defeat the Trade Federation?
  6. Who is the hero of the battle of Naboo and how old is she/he?
  7. What type of light-saber does Darth Maul have?
  8. What is the Empires ultimate weapon called?
  9. What is Darth Vader's final act?
  10. What is special about Anakin?

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