Choose Your Path: Survival Part 1

Survival. It's a major goal in a being's life. This quiz series is all about it. Mixed in with pretty little liars, this is about four girls whose best friend and leader is murdered in their boarding school. One by one, other students are dropping like flies. All they want to do is find the killer and survive.

In part one of this quiz series, you'll find out which of the four girls you are. Later on, more quizzes will be posted, one each for each of the possible characters. The point of this format is for you to go on this customizable adventure as you solve the mystery of Alice's death, but most importantly stay alive.

Created by: AthenaRox101
  1. *Read description first* The morning bell sounds, but it sounds urgent. "You have ten minutes! Report to the atrium!" says the loudspeaker. You have just woken up from bed and you're in your pj's, your hair is a mess, and you need a shower, and you haven't put on makeup. You have ten minutes. What do you do?
  2. What did you wear?
  3. And shoes
  4. You arrive at the atrium. Who do you try to stand next to.
  5. The principal announces something. One of your best friends, the leader of your clique, Alice, is dead. Her body was found in the girls bathroom on the bottom floor away from the dorms. How do you react
  6. You try to remember last night. You had a sleepover in her dorm, and you and your friends were drinking. Alice slipped out in the middle of the night but you were too tired and drunk to ask why. You know Alice had been seeing someone, an older man, but you don't know who. You also know that she might have been blackmailing someone. Alice also has several enemies. You come to the conclusion that she was murdered. Who do you think murdered her?
  7. You've had a strained relationship with Alice lately. Why?
  8. Did you kill her?
  9. Besides the obvious who else do you suspect?
  10. What will you put in her grave?
  11. Describe yourself
  12. Hobbies? Or which of the following are you most interest in?

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