What Aircraft Will You Fly?

There are so many jets out there to choose from. How would you know which to choose from. This quiz is the way to tell. You will be amazed at what aircraft suit you. Are you the F-15 or the MiG-29? Find out here.

Do you have what it takes to pilot the most beastly jets ever created? Find out here. The expertise of Achmed is your path to true connection to your inner fighter.

Created by: Achmed
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  1. Are you Russian?
  2. Do you enjoy going fast?
  3. Cat and Mouse or Dogfight?
  4. How do you feel about water?
  5. Which playing card do you like the most?
  6. What Branch of the Military is the best?
  7. Bombs, Guns, Napalm, Missiles, Or Rockets?
  8. What's the Limit?
  9. Ok. You are cruising along and all of a sudden you find out you were off course and are about to fly over enemy air cover through their radar and aerial defense. Whatcha gonna do?
  10. You land at your destination airport and suddenly realize that you left your turkey and mayo sandwich at the airport you just left. What are you gonna do? Your very hungry, by the way.
  11. Your flying along minding your own business and your phone rings scaring you and making you fly straight towards the ground. What cha gonna do?

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Quiz topic: What Aircraft will I Fly?