What Aircraft Are You?

There are a lot of aircraft fans and wouldn't it be amazing to be one? This quiz tells you what aircraft you will be. This is okay for anyone who loves aircraft but want to prove they are a ACE!!!!!!!!!! Have you got what it takes?

Are you and Aviation Ace? Find out what aircraft you will be! Take this quiz and be amazed to see what legend aircraft you are. It doesn't take too long......

Created by: Aneya
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like sports???
  2. Are you a speed demon or a daredevil?
  3. Do you like vintage styles from the 1940's????
  4. What's your weapon of choice?
  5. As commander in chief and if you needed to deploy your air force to a war where if someone makes a wrong move the whole world comes to an end- what would you do?
  6. What is most important to your air force?
  7. Do you like destruction?
  8. Do you think war is necessary?
  9. Do you consider yourself smart?
  10. Are you a team player? What would you do for your friends?
  11. Do you consider yourself a legend?

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Quiz topic: What Aircraft am I?