Commercial Aircraft

There are few smart people but true are genius! This aircraft quiz is a basic quiz about commercial airplanes! It has basic questions about commercial aircraft and some airports!!

Are YOU an aircraft genius? Do you have a lot of knowledge about airplanes! If you do try it out over here! You will be able to see if you are bad, ok, good or the BEST! Try this quiz and you will find out!!

Created by: Akash
  1. Which is the biggest plane(number of passengers)?
  2. Which is the latest airplane of Boeing?
  3. Which place is the Boeing Factory situated?
  4. Which place is the Airbus Factory Situated?
  5. Which plane does the US President own?
  6. Airport in which city is named after the current US president?
  7. Which airline latest started a non- stop flight between India and US?
  8. Which airline will receive the Airbus A380 first?
  9. Which aircraft has longest range?
  10. Which airplane has the largest wingspan?

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