What Aircraft suits you

Two outstanding world war 2 fighters were used to great success during the war, each with their own pros and cons, suiting different individuals. Each from the two major axis powers.

Ever wondered which World war 2 Fighter plane you would rather Fly ? (probably not) But if you are curious anyways try this quiz and find out which plane would suit you the best.

Created by: Fred
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  1. Do you preffer asia or europe as a travel destination?
  2. Do you preffer attack or defence when playing soccer ?
  3. Do you preffer flying over land or sea when on travel flight?
  4. Do you preffer to work hard and get the job done quickly, or take your time and work at a steady pace?
  5. For a car, do you preffer smooth round lines, or a more angular aggressive look?
  6. Do you preffer a car with a big gas tank, or one with a cheaper smaller one
  7. would you rather be equipped with cannons or bombs
  8. Would you like 12 cylinders or 14 ?
  9. In a roller coaster, do you like extreme steep climbs and dips, or a bit a bit less intense?
  10. Finally, in a car do you preffer a big open driver's seat, or a snugger fitting racing style seat ?

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