What WWII Aircraft are you?

Four famous American fighters of World War II. The P-51, the P-38, the P-40, and the P-47. Which one are you? How do you take the fight? Will you fly in the Pacific in the hard hitting P-40, or the agile high flying P-51? Will you be a fighter bomber like the P-38 and P-47?

Now take to the skies in the aircraft you have chosen. Whether your a Flying Tiger or a leading ace pilot, the plane you are shows you the plane of choice to take to the enemy and eliminate all opposition. Good luck and dogfight in the skies!

Created by: ajrotc
  1. What theater of the war would you fight?
  2. What role would you rather perform?
  3. What American Ace pilot would you be?
  4. Now,what fighter group or air force would you fly with?
  5. What nose art would you have?
  6. If you were shot down, what would you do?
  7. Would you rather escort bombers or bomb targets?
  8. Now, why would you fight?
  9. Why did you join the Air Force?
  10. Before a mission, do you:

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Quiz topic: What WWII Aircraft am I?