Warriors are a best-selling series many people like. I know I do! In the series, the main characters are cats, and they go through many challenges. The most important ones are who you should love...

I this quiz, you play the part of Lilypaw, a pretty she-cat apprentice. She goes through the challenge of having to decide which tom she should choose of the many mooning over her. Will she choose the ambitious Mosspaw, or the funny Emberpaw? What about the smart Splashheart? Maybe even the shy Cloudpaw! Introducing... Part two of my best series!

Created by: Addison Reese

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  1. We were at the part where you just found out that your mother, Willowberry, died, right?
  2. You (Lilypaw), Cloudpaw, Snowpine, and Crowfrost, race to camp. Before you get there, you see your mother laying in a pool of blood. "Mom!" You screech. You race over to your mother and find that there is a faint rise and fall of her chest. "She is still alive!" You gasp. "Go get Watermist and Shimmerpaw." You order to no cat in particular. "No" You hear your mother rasp quietly. "It is to late. I am already dying. There is nothing you can do." You stare at your mother in horror. "Of course its not to late! Cloudpaw, go get the medicine cats. Now!" Cloudpaw hurried off, and you were about to follow him when your mother's voice came again. "Don't go. I want to spend my last few moments with you and Shimmerpaw." At her words your eyes soften. "Don't worry, Cloudpaw has gone to get her." Willowberry smiles weakly and closes her eyes. After checking that she is only sleeping, you turn to Crowfrost. "How did this happen?" You ask him, full of anger and hatred for who ever, or what ever, did this. "An eagle attacked her," Crowfrost responded. "I manged to fight her off before it could carry her away, but by the time it went left, it was already to late." His eyes were full of grief and sorrow, and you could tell he wished he could help. You turned away, knowing that you might try to blame it him. There was only two feelings you feel when something like this happens: Anger, and sadness. At that time, you see Shimmerpaw racing towards you, with Watermist close behind. Cloudpaw came last, panting, trying to catch his breath. Watermist stared at her paws when she saw Willowberry. "I'm sorry." she managed to say in a small voice. "She's dying. I can't save her." Hatred for the eagle bubbled up inside you, but you held your ground. Barely more than a whisper, Willowberry called, "Shimmerpaw, Lilypaw, please come here." You and your sister lie beside your mother. "I love you," Willowberry's breath became shallower. "Your father would have been proud." Willowberry closed her eyes as she drew her last brerath. Then she let it out. "She's dead." A wave of sadness over through you, and you toppled to the ground. Cloudpaw catches you, and everyone goes back to camp (Watermist and Crowfrost carry Willowberry). When you get back to camp, Emberpaw and Mosspaw rush towards you and growl at Cloudpaw. You don't really care at this point, and let yourself get tossed around by the toms. "That's enough!" You blink in surprise at your younger sister taking control. "Lilypaw has just lost her mother!" The toms back away, and Shimmerpaw leads you to where they were to bury Willowberry. You, Shimmerpaw, Salmonstar, and Crowfrost dig a hole while the elders (Wildfire and Rippleflash) carry Willowberry over to it. You find a rose and put it over the grave once they toppled dirt over your mother. Salmonstar says a few words, and you set vigil. Who do you want to sit by?
  3. *8 moons later* "Blizzardfang, has your apprentice learned the way of the Warrior Code?" "Yes, he has" Snowpine, Crowfrost, and Ripplestep all say yes too. "Do you promise to take on the Warrior Code, even at the cost of your life?" You all nod "We do, Salmonstar." "Then by the power of Starclan, I give you your warrior names. Emberpaw, from now on you shall be known as Emberfire. Cloudpaw, from now on you will be known as Cloudsky. Mosspaw, Mossflight, and Lilypaw, Lilycreek." The clan cheers your name and you puff out your chest in pride. As the cats break apart, you head for the fresh kill pile. "Hey!" A voice from behind makes you jump. "I saw your warrior ceremony. My name is Splashheart." Splashheart was a gray tabby, and you heard from others that he was super smart. "Would you like to share this thrush?" He asks you. What do you say?
  4. After that, you go on a hunting patrol with Cloudsky, Emberfire, and Snowpine. "Lets work in groups," Snowpine suggests. Who do you want to be in your group?
  5. You end up having Emberfire in your group, and Cloudsky goes in Snowpine's. You catch a mouse, while Emberfire catches a vole.
  6. You get back to camp, and Splashheart asks you if you want to share tongues.
  7. You find a comfortable nest on the out skirts of the den next to the other new warriors; Mossflight, Emberfire, and Cloudsky. After you settle in your nest, Mossflight comes and sleeps with you. What do you do?
  8. At night, you dream that you are chasing a tom through a beautiful green field with flowers of every color. When you wake up, you realize that tom is ______.
  9. You decide that to get your mind off of the dream, you should go on a border patrol. But it doesn't help when you realize that you are going on a border patrol with Emberfire, Cloudsky, Mossflight, and Spashheart. Before you depart, you decide to go to your mother's grave. "I wish you were here," you whisper quietly. When you start to feel your eyes water, you get back to the patrol. When you are on it, Cloudsky pulls you out of the way and looks into your eyes. "I don't know what feel." He says. "But..."What are you thinking?
  10. Before Cloudsky could finish, you run as fast as you can away from there. You hear a screech above your head. You look up, and see an eagle diving for you, talons extended. It picks you up and you see Emberfire, Splashheart, Mossflight, and Cloudsky running below you. "We will come for you!" You hear Emberfire yell. The eagle drops you in her nest, and turns her back, just for a few seconds. You hear claws scraping at the bark of the tree, and a shadowy cat leaped into the twiggy nest.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Do you like it?

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