your warrior cats love life (part 1 for girls)

I decided to make a warriors love story! (For a random reason) well I hated how lots of people never finished there's so I decided to make a full series (no matter what people comment)

So there are going to be one more Tom in part two hope you like him I worked hard on this I also have another for boys so check it out!

Created by: Silvermoon

  1. you wake up feelling someone poking you you wake up and see flamekit what is it you grumble its the middle of the night "lets sneak out of camp he seys you:
  2. (what ever you said) he walks out you think i cant let him go by himself once out of camp you head for the river isnt it beautiful? he asks andd twines his tail with yours.
  3. When you get back to camp its still dark and you go to sleep in the morning goldkit asks will you play moss ball with me? raven hollowkit comes up at the same momment i saw some aprentices training and lerned a move i can show you if you want.
  4. (you had fun doing whatever you choce i cant spell 😇) your mother walkes over to you "it's your big day!" She says you suddenly remember my apprentice ceremony! Then the clan leader calls a meeting. I wish to appoint 4 new apprentices he calls you forward (your name ) you will be (add paw to end) your mentor is speakletail goldkit come forward you will be goldpaw and your mentor will be mudstripe (the medicen cat) flamekit you will be flamepaw and your mentor will be brindlepelt hollowkit you will be hollowpaw your mentor will be whiteheart.
  5. You ask speakletail if you can train she says "sorry not today" so you decide to make your new nest in the aprentices den you put your nest next to:
  6. Next day) you get asined on a hunting patrol with hollowpaw flamepaw and there mentors your mentors divide to let you hunt on you own you hunt with:
  7. (After hunting or herb picking) flamepaw walks towards you and asks if you want to share a rabbit you:
  8. (After you eat goldpaw comes up to you and asks if you want to share tunges you:
  9. (Next day) hollowpaw asks you to hunt with him you say yes (it's late in the evening) he brings you to the edge of the river and says "I lo-

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Quiz topic: My warrior cats love life (part 1 for girls)