Hogwarts love story part five

This is a quiz/story on Harry potter. It's a fan fiction on who you love. Is it the dangerous Draco? Or is it the shy Neville? Take this quiz to find out! The story will make more sense if you take every one of my quizzes!

Because I have extra space- please check out me on watts app, read m book and tell me what you think.. Rate, comment, review helps me to learn and make it better for YOU!!!

Created by: lostinlove13
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  1. So far in this story, your charactor has kissed Harry, slapped Draco and fell in love, a lot. It's only like the second week in as well!
  2. The party lasts all though the night. No even miss. Mgonnagal stops it. You spend most of the night avoiding harry. Why did he kiss you? What do you feel?
  3. " Hey, _______ , do you want to go to the lake today?" a friendly voice asks, a shy friendly voice asks. Neville steps from behind you and you look down sadly." Sorry I can't I need to catch up on my homework."
  4. Neville walks off and the day draws to a close. While everyone heads off you sit in the common room, fire blazing, homework around you like a quilt. suddenly theres a knock on the door and it swings open. You see...........
  5. " Hey, do you want to go on a walk ?" Oliver Wood stands there in the doorway, looking handsome. You look at your books and sigh. It wouldn't hurt to have a break. You look up and nod, his face lights up like a Christmas tree.
  6. You and Oliver go on a walk around the school. It's fun and there's no awkwardness. You fall over a rock and and he takes your hand to catch you!
  7. You look in your eyes and before you know, your lips touch his.Their soft and gentle. Emotions pore out of you. Love, confusion, guilt. When he realizes your not resisting he brings you closer and you let yourself go, go with the magic.
  8. Suddenly there's a crunch and Oliver lets you go, not quick enough it seem's as Fred, George, Neville and Draco and Harry stand there. " What the Hell"
  9. Thanks for taking my quiz and I'm sorry that they took so long to come out,if you like my fan fictions be sure to check out my Harry potter fan fiction on wattpad, My name is Ellen Cook.
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