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Ever wandered if you were British? Many people are but are you arestocratic? Anyway what is a British person well obvoisly they have a British citizenship but it's much more than that: Mannerisms and spellings often matter most!

This test will help to measure your britishness through manerisms and spellings. Don't you dare say tomayto instead of tomato! If your British it's a good measure of weather you are a good Uk citizen or if you are not from the uk it will show you weather or not you share Uk manerisms and spellings.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. Where is London?
  2. What colour is not in the Union Jack?
  3. What year did Queen Elizabeth II become queen?
  4. How far is Oxford from London?
  5. What is the speed limit on motorways?
  6. What number would a car have on its number plate if it was made on January 2013
  7. What is the height of Ben Nevis?
  8. What county is Plymouth in?
  9. What part of Britain is London in?

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