Retreats and Defeats 1939-1942

This quiz is for A2 level history: British Foreign Affairs: Saving Europe at a Cost 1919-1960. The content of this quiz is on retreats and defeats of the British army between 1939 and 1942.

If you are doing the history course, this quiz focuses on the different areas of retreats and defeats of the British army. It includes topics such as the battle in Malta.

Created by: banta

  1. Which was the most intensely bombed areas in World War Two?
  2. Between 1940 and 1942, how many ships were lost in Malta?
  3. Germany was lulled into an early sense of victory over Malta, what was the effect of this?
  4. Without what would Malta have had to capitulate to the Germans?
  5. An invasion of Great Britain could only happen if Germany...
  6. Where were German air attacks mainly directed before June 1940?
  7. What technology gave Britain the upper hand in the Battle of Britain?
  8. What effect did the Blitz have on the British people?
  9. What event took place on 20 May 1940?
  10. Upon invading Crete, what were German paratroopers met with?
  11. Why was the Norway campaign such a defeat for Britain?
  12. What caused Chamberlain to resign?
  13. Why was the retreat at Dunkirk so disastrous for Britain?
  14. How long did it take for France to be defeated?
  15. What made it easier for the French army to be overcome?
  16. Why was the fall of France so bad for Britain?

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