Are you a good sprout?

Hello, and welcome to my quiz. You may have been wondering "what is a good sprout?" Well, find out in this quiz! It will gather data and measure fuzzy scores to make them unfuzzy. Enjoy!

Good sprouts are all around us. And a good sprout is this: A person who cares. That's the way to put it in a sentence. Really, they are more than just that. You will find the truth by taking this quiz.

Created by: The best tomboy of Truth or Dare?
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  1. What's sup yo?
  2. 8'I fav. face?
  3. does a one star golf coarse sound fun?
  4. Rock party?
  5. ouch! My eye brow stings
  6. Will you rate?
  7. Comment a ___ comment
  8. Happy New Year!!!*gives present*
  9. °
  10. Adií²s

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Quiz topic: Am I a good sprout?