Do You Support Measure M, N, or O

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Welcome to our quiz to find out if you support measure M, N or O. Answer 12 quick questions to find out where you stand on these import ballot measures.

Will you be for Measures M & O to stop traffic? Maybe for N to slow it down but not harm the economy? Or maybe you want to open it up and the economy rip.

Created by: Cris Alarcon

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  1. Do you trust the people elected to local government offices to represent you?
  2. Do you think Traffic is a major issue in El Dorado County?
  3. Where do you think growth should be focused in the future?
  4. Do you think jobs and the economy are more important than traffic?
  5. Are politicians corrupt?
  6. Do you travel on Highway 50 almost every day?
  7. Do you believe in Free Enterprise?
  8. Do you believe in Private Property rights?
  9. Politicians should do what the voters want:
  10. Do you live in the rural areas of the county?

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Quiz topic: Do I Support Measure M, N, or O