Five Temperaments (Control) Test

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Five Temperaments is a theory in psychology, which expands upon the Four Temperaments proposed in ancient medical theory. This is the only free test online which measures the area of need called Control.

There are the three areas of interaction in the Five Temperaments, which behavior and personality are divided into: Inclusion (How much you generally include other people in your life and how much attention, contact, and recognition you want from others), Control (How much influence and responsibility you need, and how much you want others to lead and establish procedures and policies), and Affection; (How close and warm you are with others and to what extent you want others to show warmth and support to you). These three areas of need were taken from Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) and used in the Arno Profile System (APS) to measure the temperaments. This test will measure your Control score.

Created by: Ezekiel
  1. Who maintains the power and makes the decisions for my relationships?
  2. I have a dependent/independent conflict, swinging like a pendulum from needing to take on responsibilities and make decisions to being totally dependent, where I need other people to control my life and make all the decisions. During this time I am selfish and self-indulgent.
  3. I will compulsively take on very large amounts of responsibilities or volunteer for services in order to receive recognition or approval.
  4. I'm a good "team player", and I am very democratic, expecting others to work as hard as I do and to carry their part of the load.
  5. I use a "dry" (sometimes witty, often sarcastic) sense of humor as a defense mechanism to prevent others from motivating me, this is to protect my low energy reserve.
  6. I am very controlling and bossy, and I am capable of undertaking hostile, very poor behaviors and cruel abusive tempers in order to maintain control of others, such as rage, intimidation, and yelling.
  7. I am demanding of recognition, and I angrily lash out at others if told what to do, or if someone interferes with my independence.
  8. Intellectually oriented, I need facts, research, and information, and I must act upon these.
  9. In leadership I have a...
  10. I would describe my conflict-handling style as...
  11. I am compulsively self-motivated and can be legalistic, rigid, and uncompromising.
  12. I'm very weak-willed, easily motivated by guilt (sometimes using guilt to manipulate others), and have a difficult time saying “no”.
  13. I become furiously angry if not consulted about decisions that others make without me, I do not want to make the final decision (I'm extremely anxious when forced to make decisions and take on responsibilities independently), but I compulsively want my input considered.

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